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Submission + - PlayStation Suite Open Beta Development launches (

tomstockmail writes: Sony launches open beta of the PlayStation Suite, a not-yet-launched platform for games across Android devices and the PlayStation Vita. A branded Monodevelop, PS Suite allows one to create games and applications in C# complete with a UI designer. Out of beta a $99 per year subscription will be required. Additionally, any PS Vita can be used as a test environment.

Comment Not the problem ... (Score 1) 113

These people need a few more critical thinking skills. If the option for PP was removed, the pointless meetings would still be held. The same 85% of people attending these meetings would continue to feel their time (and money) was being wasted. Removing PP as an option will not save 2.1 billion francs.

Comment Re:More than just knowledge (Score 2, Insightful) 453

While hiring people on a temporary basis sounds like a good idea, it has some serious flaws. Hiring 3 temporary employees with the plan to axe 2 makes for a very stressful/hostile work environment. Only those potential employees with no other job opportunities/offers would even consider it (which is most likely the worst applicants). The list of bad aspects of this idea is longer.

Comment Re:Showing their cards at last (Score 1) 173

Saying "Cloud is just a fancy way of saying OPS" is along the lines of saying "Oak is just a fancy way of saying tree".

Yup, you are 100% correct, "other people's servers" is a nebulous, non-accurate, gaseous term that doesn't quite hit the nail on the head (just like "clould computing"). On the other hand, it doesn't make me feel like a pointy-haired boss when I use it in conversation with others.

Who wants to play buzz-word bingo?

Comment PAX is unlike E3 (Score 5, Informative) 101

I live in the Seattle area and have attended the last 4 PAX events. PAX won't replace E3. Don't missunderstand, PAX is probably much more fun of an event than E3 ever will be. PAX is for the community of gamers, not for the publishers and developers. Sure, there is some spill-over, but PAX is overwhelmingly a gamer convention.
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Submission + - Monitoring an employee who is running Linux? 1

An anonymous reader writes: OK slashdot, here's the deal. I have a small computer shop where we work for low-income people resurrecting dead hardware (mostly laptops) so they can get internet access. We have a quota that everyone has to meet. Recently we hired a new guy who is doing a lot of soldering and harder work so he doesn't consistently meet the quota. We are willing to overlook that, since the nature of the work is different. He also wants to run Linux instead of Windows on his PC, because he is a Linux user at home and is more used to that. Again, we let him do that. No sense in being mean. But now his performance is starting to get consistently worse. He doesn't always show up to work. Spends a lot of time on his PC but doesn't really get much done. With the other employees we have a monitoring software to keep audit logs of their internet usage. It doesn't work in Linux. First we started watching his network usage. Turns out there's a fair amount of data being sent to and from the PC but it's on the FTP port and encrypted. Obviously a tunnel. So we asked the guy to see his web browser history. He clears it, then gives me the cleared log. How nice of him. Now we're watching his shell history, but I'm not a big Linux user so I don't know what to be looking for. My boss (the owner) is jumping on me because of the low productivity. I don't want to fire him without some sort of clear evidence that he's screwing around on the clock, because he's talented and probably more useful to me than the next schmuck to come through the door. But I have to have some accountability to make the guy work. As a last resort, I can force him to install Windows, but I don't want to because I'd like to migrate the office to Linux later to save us money when we expand, and this issue would come back to haunt me. I'm working on learning Linux but I don't think I can get proficient fast enough to prevent this from being a problem. Can someone give me a pointer or some advice here?

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