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Comment Re:Just learn the important stuff (Score 1) 195

Lol good luck!! A few years ago when I left the company I worked for when a certain very large bank that was taking over the very large bank I worked for.. I took the package. They sent a Unix (AIX) admin to come learn about my 400 (ish) Solaris systems. Most of which where Oracle RAC and VCS Clusters. This poor AIX guy knew nothing of Solaris, Oracle or VCS. All the documentation in the world wasn't going to help him. So, I did what any self respecting UNIX guy did. I told the very large bank what my very large hourly rate would be going forward after I left and gave them all the help I could for the next six months while they found a Solaris knowledgable UNIX admin.

Comment Police Judge Jury and Sentencing (Score 1) 224

So the phone company now believes they have the right to: #1 - Police/observe what you do #2 - Judge what you are doing with no Jury or defense or proof #3 - Sentence you as guilty #4 - hand out a sentence of cut your internet access or re-direct you. If the government tried this people we go nuts. But I guess it's ok for a company.

Comment Re:iPad is a great device for kids (Score 1) 417

When my son was 18months he already had complete understanding of my iPhone. Lots of fantastic learning apps for kids too. He's now age 3, he can read, count, and spell. And... Call Grandma. At age 2 he was teaching Grandma how to use her newly bought iPhone... He also knows many more dinosaur names then I do, all thanks to some great apps on the iPhone. Of course he only uses my iPhone supervised and he learned very quickly to be careful with it. Any sign of "about" to become rough with it and it's instantly taken away. Kids learn fast and they love the iPhone so he treats it very gently.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 876

Ya nice thing to do and I agree. Educate them is the best plan. I agree in theory with the annoyance tho. Being I'm the family "computer support person". I'm a UNIX admin and really don't do much with Windows at all however, I sure get plenty of calls from family members. The thought (key word "thought" as in not something I say to them) is wow, they sure spent a lot of money on a tool (PC) that they haven't even learned the basics about. You don't really see people spending that kind of money on other items and proceeding to use (and break) it without at least opening the manual. The other not so fun part is that I'm 2000 miles away from them and trying to go step by step trying to figure out what exactly is wrong ... well takes quite a bit of time. And quite often that is time (hours) I'm spending on weekends that honestly, I'd rather be doing ANYTHING other then working on some else's computer issue. Especially, when they broke it to begin with :-). And ya... doing it for free. Funny thing is my wife is an attorney and they don't ask her for free lawyer advice... Why is it expected that we fix family pc's for free? =P... Late my answer has been, "yes I can fix that windows problem! If you want me to install Linux let me know"

Comment Firewall rules and email... (Score 1) 321

My company has firewall rules that block using email from yahoo, gmail, msn, etc etc. They also have some pretty strict rules about using wireless devices to access outside networks. Funny I have similar rule and policy on my home firewall that blocks work email. On the same token I doubt a blackberry would be allowed under "home" policy either. Such a device would "clearly be in contradiction to the required activities demanded of me at home". Oddly work has a similar rule that "any device that is in contradiction to your required job activities is not allowed". It's amazing how my work and home policies are so similar. Like they were written by the same lawyer or something. I've often told my manager that if the companies policy where to change that I'd talk to the admin of my home firewall and see if she'd do the same. It very hard for work to argue the point. After all it is their policy!

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