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The First Photograph of a Human 138

wiredog writes "The Atlantic has a brief piece on what is likely to be the first photograph (a daguerreotype) showing a human. From the article: 'In September, Krulwich posted a set of daguerreotypes taken by Charles Fontayne and William Porter in Cincinnati 162 years ago, on September 24, 1848. Krulwich was celebrating the work of the George Eastman House in association with the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. Using visible-light microscopy, the George Eastman House scanned several plates depicting the Cincinnati Waterfront so that scholars could zoom in and study the never-before-seen details.'"

MythTV 0.23 Released 214

An anonymous reader writes "After six months of our new accelerated development schedule, MythTV 0.23 is now available. MythTV 0.23 brings a new event system, brand new Python bindings, the beta MythNetvision Internet video plugin, new audio code and surround sound upmixer, several new themes (Arclight and Childish), a greatly improved H.264 decoder, and fixes for analog scanning, among many others. Work towards MythTV 0.24 is in full swing, and has be progressing very well for the last several months. If all goes according to plan, MythTV 0.24 will bring a new MythUI OSD, a nearly rewritten audio subsystem capable of handling 24- and 32-bit audio and up to 8 channels of output, Blu-ray disc and disc structure playback, and various other performance, usability, and flexibility improvements."

Comment Re:Patience! (Score 1) 902

For me in my situation this is where good management comes in.

I work in a small team. But everything (repeat EVERYTHING) goes through a helpdesk system. No Ticket, I'm not going to even talk to you. Also gets lots of brownie points from external Auditors.

But I digress. An enforced helpdesk system, and a good TL (excellent in our case) acts, or should act, as a buffer between you and PEBKAC when you are far far busier working on real fire-fighting on production issues.

If they want action they have to go through the TL (with a helpdesk ticket of course) and get their request evaulated and only ONLY if it is deemed absolutely necessary to increase the priority of their request - BUT even then it doesnt mean that your current work gets interrupted.

Management should be there to deflect the sh*t from above so you can effectively work.

Yes, yes I know this isnt always the case and they just chuck it straight down. In which case. Complain to higher up the chain of command, if that doesnt work, keep your head down, handle it as best you can, and get out asap.

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