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Comment Re:Belief (Score 2) 379

10 years out of date? I lived in Israel between 2009-2011, I was a block away from the Beersheva preschool hit in Dec 2008 which first taught me about what rocket attacks were like. It sounded like a suitcase dropping on the ground. I don't know what it's been like since 2011 first-hand, but Wikipedia/current news tells me it's closer to my recall then yours. >90% are Qassams, because they're cheap, the launchers look like irrigation equipment, and the launcher team can scatter immediately after firing before the Israeli helicopters.

Here's a picture from Wiki of that Qassam hit

and yeah, the alarms work great, but people want active defense measures. Iron dome does that for them.

Comment Belief (Score 2) 379

The rockets being sent against Israel are small, sporadic, unguided, and mostly lack the range to hit major population centers (Tel Aviv). On the rare occasions it does hit a building, it won't destroy the building but will gut a room.

If the Iron dome is effective, great. If the belief of the people is it's effective, even better, especially for politicians in power. Pretty much what the article says.

Comment Re:And how many do they need? (Score 1) 97

Government is an enterprise like any other.

It's users are arguably less technically savvy.

Can you imagine the cost with establishing a secure 1 million user network, where Linux isn't an OS but more probably some disease that was eradicated back in the 1800s. Training would cost so god damn much, take a year or two.

Sure, probably don't need IIS servers. But users need to be on Windows.

Comment Re:Seems to be a systemic problem. (Score 1) 144

Agreed, first week out of the gate it was a feature stripped train wreck that also crashed every half hour.

The problem I have with Google products is the one of constant reinvention. Every 6 months - 1 year they roll out the next Gmail, due to the next "A-team" developer group working on reinventing web email.

Youtube post google-buyout is the worst, they reinvent the website, ignore the actual common problems people experience from the service. They just now, in the past month, added a play icon to show which tab was playing a video. They will never fix the oddities with the buffering and streams until they actually sink some serious dev time into HTML5 (and better) video player logic. I personally have to fight with my Youtube quality setting because it doesn't understand how and when to switch quality settings.
But god help them they'll redesign the way you can roll over videos on your intro page. Every god damn update.

Comment Chinese no-names to the rescue (Score 1) 272

1. Something like this

2. With another something like this

It will give you MMS, recording in 720p, and ability to yell at them in korean to get out of your store.

Submission + - Emergency Alert System hacked, warns dead rising from graves (

Rawlsian writes: "Great Falls, Montana, television station KRTC issued a denial of an Emergency Alert System report that 'dead bodies are rising from their graves.' The denial surmises that 'someone apparently hacked into the Emergency Alert System...This message did not originate from KRTV, and there is no emergency.'"

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