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Comment Re:Tame and lame (Score 1) 692

then I was asked point-blank:

"Is there intelligent life in Outer Space"?

I answered yes, then asked to defend my position. I spent the next 45 minutes in back-and-forth debate involving my bringing out Drake's Equation, panspermia, extrapolation of odds, and many other related topics.

Funny I just had this talk with my 6 year old this weekend. He asked if Aliens existed and I told him "yes." Mom said "Don't tell him that, they may not!" and "I said they do exist!" and was put on the spot to defend it, so I looked at him and said

"Son ... let me introduce you to the concept of a statistical impossibility. Space is pretty damn big, so big infact that if our house was the universe our little planet would be too small to be seen; smaller than a spec of dust. Now think of all the types of life on this planet we have, animals, bugs, lizards, fish... all that. The odds that there is no other intelligent life out there anywhere is so small and so unlikely it might as well be zero."

"Do they come to earth ?"

"Maybe. We might have met some, and we may never meet any but somewhere out in the stars there has to some. "

Comment Re:People actually liked the controller? (Score 1) 92

The other feature I "like" about the WiiU's controller is the theoretical ability to play a game on it while someone else uses the TV. Not enough to buy a WiiU, but I like the concept of the feature. The problem with it is that from what I hear, most companies don't really take advantage of that - they assume you have the TV running the game, and the pad screen available for some other form of readout, and so going to single-screen mode hurts your gameplay options.

There's some games that you don't allow Off-TV play, but I'd wager there's more that do. Sure some games require you use both because they are designed for it, but even Nintendo has quite a few games that support Off TV play. Think of it this way if they're going to port Call of Duty / Assassins Creed or Batman to the platform, they were designed without a second screen in mind and had features added to use it. If you choose off-screen, you simply get the regular PS360 type experience.

For me one of the greatest added benefits is having DUAL SCREEN rather than SplitScreen gaming. My son and I play Lego Marvel this way. Rather than having the game do "dynamic splitscreen, or locked fix screen" you can tell it to give 1 person 1 screen and the other to someone else. This is a fantastic addition I've been wanting on PC for years, I think it's ironic the consoles did it first.

Comment Introduce them to lots of things & see what st (Score 1) 285

My son is 6 years old and he enjoys pretty much anything. We play Mario, Skylanders, RockBand and the Lego games, but he also like Cenitpede and Missile Command from the Atari days. Sure he doesn't like EVERYTHING I like, but who does?

If you think something's worth playing then introduce it to them and see if they like it. Somethings are timeless... hell he enjoys Rocky & Bullwinkle along with Looney Tunes, 1990's batman cartoons and a bunch of other stuff I grew up with. He's also introduced me to newer things like Phineous and Ferb which as a parent I think is excellent.

I guess in a round about way I'm saying "share what you love and know they will love some (but likely not all) of it too. Also be open minded enough for when they share their favorites with you."

Comment Re:No media (Score 1) 294

I used my ps3 for media as well as occasional gaming. PS4 lack of streaming media support that does not originate from Sony's pay sites is a real minus for me.

I'm the same way, and with the Black Friday deals around the corner I can get an extra 1 or 2 cheap.

Comment Re:Not this time, Sony (Score 4, Informative) 294

After removing the "Other OS" feature in the Playstation 3, which enabled running Linux, I'm no longer interested in your devices.

well you should be happy then that they're this time releasing it with zero features they can drop and instead are to gradually insert them..

You don't know how true this is. Bluray and DVD movie playback don't work out of the box, you need a Day 1 patch...

Comment Re:Nintendo's Biggest Weakness - ONLINE (Score 1) 277

Nintendo's biggest weakness is clearly their complete distain and disregard for supporting online play. From tedious friend codes, to a lack of headset/mic support, to their stubborn insistence in "going their own way" with an online marketplace, their online/connectivity factor is woefully neglected and abused.

Thankfully that's changing. The Wii U has online games, including some Nintendo ones coming out very shortly (like this week), They ditched the friend codes and both the 3DS and Wii U have NintendoNetwork ID's now, There's a headset jack, a microphone, speakers and a user facing camera built into the gamepad, they not only support chat, they support video chat.

Comment Re:No co-op (Score 1) 263

I'm fairly certain he's referring to "local multiplayer" in which 2-4 people play on the same hardware. Personally I see this as a major benefit of console gaming that has kept me from gaming on PCs for decades.

Unfortunately at the time when PC games are allowing more local multiplayer options many console games are removing it in favor of online only multiplayer.

Most developers use the cop-out excuse to say they can't render the game 4 times and it's too technically challenging to do it (not powerful enough hardware) ignoring the fact it's been done since the original NES. These devs would rather every individual person buy a copy of the game rather than sharing the experience on 1 copy (on the couch).

Comment Re:The move to HD hurt them (Score 1) 212

The Wii supports 5 players on the same console. I know this because a group of my friends used to have "bomb time" - playing the NES version of Bomberman on the Wii and drinking a Jager bomb in between each round. You just have to use 4 Wii remotes and 1 Game Cube controller plugged in.

You should grab the WiiWare version of Bomberman. It supports up to 8 players on 1 screen if you have enough wiimotes + GC controllers.

Comment How about a Next Gen Punch-Out!! ? (Score 1) 135

I REALLY Enjoyed the one on the Wii, and would it be too much to ask for something like that and allow it to us 2 Wiimotion+ controllers as your gloves rather than the nunchucks?

Also if we could get Metroid Prime Hunters on the Wii U with Metroid Prime 3 controls (and online play) and/or a Sequel to F-Zero GX I'd be a very happy man.

Comment Re:Don't forget the Elephant in the room... (Score 1) 135

Speak for yourself. As far as I'm concerned the elephant in the room is "why are we still waiting for a new franchise?"..

I fail to see how the "Wii Fit / Sports / Party and yes even Music (shudders)" isn't a new IP (or franchise). If that isn't what you meant can you clarify what you're hoping they come out with next ?

Comment Re:Faraday cage (Score 1) 924

Doctor or a sysadmin should have a phone with the VIBRATE function. You then step out of the theater and check your phone. It's simple and does not bother anyone in the theater. Props to you if you choose an aisle seat so you can get out faster and with less fuss.

Doctors or sysadmins should have other people that can cover for their duties and be able to enjoy a few hours of peace uninterrupted.

Comment Re:Why though? (Score 1) 509

There is but ONE truly compelling reason why someone wouldn't want their console to ever touch the internet and that would be piracy.

Nope, there's LOTS of reasons not to like that aspect of it, and for the record I don't pirate my games.

Let's Start with PRIVACY. There's a Camera + Microphone in your home that can not be physically disconnected and have the system still work, then you have an "always online requirement" and the fact that your system will always be on (even when it's "off") so it can "autopatch all your games". Now let's just say you trust MS / the NSA etc... to NOT spy on you... that's one hell of a target for hackers to shoot for. Lots of people hjave issues with that.

Another one that's my "poison pill" is RETRO GAMING. I routinely play 15-20-30 year old games (Combat on the 2600 never get old) and at some point anyone with a brain knows those authentication servers will be shut down or re-purposed. It could be 5,10,15 years down the road but it'll happen and an entire generation of games are now unplayable. If I can't take a game and put it into an offline system, then I simply am not interested and won't spend any money on it.

I may very well be in the minority here, but this is why the XBone will be the first X-Box I don't buy.

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