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PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Happy 10th anniversary, Sega Dreamcast! ( 2

traycerb writes: It's been 10 years since 9/9/1999, when the Dreamcast launched on American shores. The hardware was ahead of its time: online capability, web browser, a visual memory unit, a controller that anticipated the much-loved xbox 360 controller. The games were amazing: Jet Set Radio (the first popular 3d cell-shaded game on a console), Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (still the apotheosis of 2-d fighting; just try finding a copy on ebay), Soul Calibur (still looks good compared to the recent Xbox/Ps3 versions), NFL 2K (came out of nowhere and was so good that it shook EA into spending tens of millions of dollars to seal up exclusivity for NFL rights. Boo monopoly!), Ikaruga (the amazing shooter from the amazing Treasure), and just plain quirky hits (Seaman, if you preferred talking to creepy mutant fish, or perhaps Shenmue, if you were looking for some hot forklift action).

No doubt some of the reasons for the Dreamcast's demise lay with Sega, whose dubious hardware decisions (ahem, 32x) finally caught up to them, in the form of ambivalence from both developers and gamers, just as the console-making world was shifting to the multinationals with big pockets who were willing to spend it on pricey hardware design (or could absorb the cost of faulty hardware design *cough*RROD*cough*)

No matter. The DC still holds pride of place in my entertainment center. The Dreamcast is dead! Long live the Dreamcast! I'm off to play some Sonic...

The Internet

Submission + - Companies Coming Around to Piracy's Upside? (

traycerb writes: The Economist has an article detailing how numerous companies are finding piracy's silver lining.

"Statistics about the traffic on file-sharing networks can be useful. They can reveal, for example, the countries where a new singer is most popular, even before his album has been released there. Having initially been reluctant to be seen exploiting this information, record companies are now making use of it. This month BigChampagne, the main music-data analyser, is extending its monitoring service to pirated video, too."

The kicker is Microsoft's tacit endorsement of Windows piracy in developing markets, namely China. The big man himself, Bill Gates, says it best in an interview with Fortune last year: "It's easier for our software to compete with Linux when there's piracy than when there's not."

The Courts

Submission + - My interview with murderer Hans Reiser (

traycerb writes: Hans Reiser hasn't been granting any interviews, but he allowed this provocatively-headlined one (be warned: may block direct linkage from Slashdot, so cut/paste the link to get around the ads) 5 days before leading police to the body of his wife. The article is light on detail (a consequence of Hans not allowing questions) but it demonstrates he continued to be remorseless and angry, proclaiming his innocence until the end. The interviewer notes, as have others, that Hans still no sense of how his actions are being viewed by the public at large. A tragedy all around.

Submission + - Portugese company to auction off "Microsoft (

traycerb writes: A Portuguese company, named Microsoft Lda, and unrelated to the Balmer/Gates/et al institution, is selling the Portugese rights to the Microsoft name on ebay. As the article says: "The company registered its title locally in back in 1981, long before Microsoft Corp penetrated the Portuguese market. Since the Beast of Redmond is accordingly not allowed to call itself Microsoft in the land of fado and pasteis de nata, it lurks behind the MSFT moniker." "MSFT?" How is that even pronounced?

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