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Comment Re:This isn't as bad as it looks (Score 1) 741

This is exactly as bad as it looks. There is a difference between possessing information, and using that information to do harm to others.

For instance, if I play a video game that teaches me how to use various weapons, and skills for killing others, I am in fact 'training' to use those weapons and tactics.

Having recipes, notes, price-lists, anonymous letters is no different. You can argue that either is in some way preparation for committing crimes.

Yes, I agree it is scary to think that someone else might be 'thinking' of committing a crime, however stepping over the bounds and making 'thinking' about a crime the same as committing a crime makes us ALL guilty, depending on the imagination of the court.

This is super-dangerous because then laws are no longer 'objective', but become more about how creative the prosecution is, and IF they want to go after you or not.

Comment Quit your Job (Score 1) 516

If you are young and without dependents, quit immediately.

If you are older, and/or have people you are supporting, make an objective plan with objective milestones of how you are going to quit, then act on that plan.

A job is soul-sucking only if you don't know what you are getting out of it, and can't see a way out. So prove to yourself that you're not trapped by quitting, or are actively working towards quitting. The trick here is that one needs to align one's actions with one's goals. Acting is easy, once you know what your goals are.

Goals: The truth is that nobody knows anything about why we are here or what this place is.

I suspect however, that this 'Being alive and conscious' thing is rather a unique opportunity, and that spending these few precious moments we are given doing something one hates is not a very wise decision. Take some time. Figure out what you _really_ want in life. Then spend as close as possible 100% of your time striving to make what you want a reality.

Simple question: Is a slave acting to gain his freedom a slave?

Comment Re:This is why I refuse to buy apple products. (Score 1) 754

Actually, this was exactly the reason why I switched from linux to mac (and I've been a linux user from the slackware install-via-floppy days). It was do to a gradual change as my life priorities changed, and my desire to _create_ rather than be annoyed because X,Y, and/or Z either broke, or wouldn't work without jumping through many hoops.

I still think linux is great for servers where the environment is more controlled. For the desktop though Mac currently rules. I'm constantly amazed at how everything just _works_. I say go for it, to anyone who is thinking about switching. You won't be disappointed.

Comment Re:Good Job Samzenpus! (Score 1) 172

I understand the desire to get people to click through to the site, and so create 'jazzed up' titles.

This seems to have really gotten out of hand lately. So much so that I am starting to automatically assume the title has nothing to do with the story.

I fail to see how this is going to bode well for slashdot in the long term. Perhaps they have even jumped the shark as I'm sure I'm not alone.

Are there any communities/comment systems similar to slashdot out there in the wild-internet that I maybe haven't run across yet? The community/comments are the real reason to visit slashdot, and if the editors of slashdot can't provide decent 'story-seeds' around which to have a conversation. Perhaps it is time to move on.

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