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Comment Re:This is not the end (Score 2) 279

It's the second half of the fourth. Apparently the fourth book was getting so long that he separated out roughly half of the plotlines and set them aside for another volume, which is why a lot of characters don't show up in the fourth. Since he was originally planning on 7 books, this may push it to 8 or even more volumes for the series.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 3, Insightful) 1123

If the many quiet and pleasant religionists (not my chosen word, I'm just working from the phrase) don't do anything to curtail the few loud and obnoxious ones, if they don't step up and deny any connection at all, then they are providing a tacit endorsement of the loud and obnoxious ones - they are, by their silence, allowing the obnoxious ones to represent them too. If they don't speak up, how can we even know that they disagree or for that matter, exist? Don't try to shift the blame onto a minority, all religionists are responsible in one way or another.

Comment Re:Why?? (Score 1) 753

An opinion that seems very prolific on Slashdot is that consumers have a right to consume anything that has been created. They don't. The right to consume is not recognized by law, nor should it be.

On the contrary - it is. That is, after all, the whole point of copyright: The temporary granting of control over who can copy your work in order to encourage you to produce more. Once that temporary period is over, it's freely available for anyone to consume. Sure, there may be production costs, which is why paying for a copy of Shakespeare's plays is acceptable under law (and they'll usually come with commentary, thus being a 'new' edition), but you can freely obtain the basic text without anyone complaining. In other words, the default position - for the majority of the lifespan of the civilisation - is freedom to consume anything that you like. It's only for a very small space of time that this freedom is waived. The problem is that this temporary period is getting longer and longer, and that people (such as yourself) are believing the propoganda that this is How Things Should Be.

Comment Re:Third Party (Score 3, Interesting) 785

These are all good points, but as it stands, the the US has a major problem - patents and copyrights. These are causing the country to slowly tear itself apart due to stifling innovation and creativity, and the resulting feeding frenzy of lawsuits. Maybe dealing with the RIAA is low on people's lists, but it's one of the pieces that needs to be dealt with before the situation can be repaired. Going along with them is not only permitting this problem to continue to exist, but it gives them a form of tacit approval - after all, if people from the RIAA are given high posts in the DOJ, surely they can't be all that bad, now can they. /sarcasm

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