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Comment Benefits and Problems (Score 1) 281

As someone in a degree for math right now I constantly regret going down this path. Most of my education has been a waste and very little of all the brutal math I've endured is actually useful in everyday business. I think the article could have created a more interesting conversation by asking not whether to go to college or not is worth it, but whether to go to a four year university as opposed to an associate type program is worth it. For myself, I really wish I would have stopped at an associates. You have math through linear algebra at that point and guess what, you really won't need much beyond that for a typical job in IT. The debt burden is much much less, the stress is much smaller, and the experience is far better. Today, you go to a four year school and half the classes you must take in order to become a "well rounded person" are just a total waste of time and money. For instance, is it really worth shelling out about 9,000 bucks total for language classes if you're in school for math? No, it isn't and it especially isn't when you leave with an 8 year old's language ability after all that. There are many examples of these weird classes that have been built into curriculums that are just a total waste of time and effort, yet people somehow think without these you missed out. I have started to take the view that it is the ones who go do associates degrees and go into the workforce are the real smart people. They have a quarter of the debt, take maybe a year or two longer to reach the avg. income of the four year degree holder, but are accruing interest at a much much slower rate and in fact probably are paying it down much faster. In the end, four year degrees are a joke and need some serious revamping.

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