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Comment Need more robust batteries (Score 1) 172

The headlines seem to always point to more power/weight or power density. No one seems to be concerned with robustness. Mobile power systems operate in a harsh environment... Extreme temperature ranges, Extreme vibration, contamination (from water, salts, abrasive sands, etc). I would like to see more effort towards versatile and survivable power systems over more "power vs weight" speculation.


Comment No rubber or elastic (Score 2) 434

I did some temp work at a document storage warehouse repacking some damaged file boxes. One thing I learned is that rubber bands have a useful life of about two years. After about five years, all rubber and elastic bands had failed, and worst of all, after about eight years, the remnants of rubber bands had all turned into a permanent solid glue. Lesson learned: no rubber bands allowed for long-term storage.

Comment Real Time Linux (Score 1) 581

My current peeve... how about a driver that works nicely with Real Time Linux. The word is that proprietary NVIDIA drivers are death to Real Time OS. I would purchase a NVIDIA card and use proprietary drivers if they had low latency, low jitter, and no memory conflict issues. Until then, I will try AMD/ATI and/or use KML drivers. Real Time Linux is used for device controllers, robotics, and other timing-sensitive applications. I am not a Freeware fanatic, I just want something that works.

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