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Submission + - Charle de gaulle Airport Transfers to Paris disneyland (

transferprivate writes: "It has always been your cherished desire to visit France and especially Paris someday and that D-day has finally
arrived. You have arrived at the international terminal with your family and holding the boarding pass filled
with expectations because very soon you will be disembarking at Charles De Gaulle Airport- the international
airport in Paris. You have promised your children a trip to the Disneyland Paris. Disneyland Paris is a must see
in your holiday itinerary of France. You are also exploring the different avenues of getting to Disneyland. You
can go online and key in the words CDG Disneyland transfer in Google to get results you need.

Use public transport to get to Disneyland Paris

You will get various websites that will help you get detailed information on how to get to Disneyland without
hassles and without spending a fortune. Paris has two airports, the Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport in
Roissypole Borough in the north and the Orly (ORY) airport in the south. The CDG airport is the convenient
hub for international tourists arriving in Paris who want to get to the city as early as possible. There are many
Paris airport transfer guides and bulletins that you can look up apart from going online. The city and all the
important tourist spots including Disneyland are well-connected by trains, buses and private taxi shuttles.

Train connectivity includes the TGV and RER trains

Like most metropolitan cities of the world, Paris too has its mass rapid transit system known as RER. You’ll
find these trains at “Terminal1” and “Terminal 2”. Go for the galloping trains i.e. trains which have limited
stops and will take you to Gare du Nord quickly. You can buy a ticket from the several counters or booths at
the station or from a vending machine. If you have a “Travelite Paris” pass you need a ticket. Tickets cost 8.70
Euros. The RER mode is the cheapest mode of Disneyland Paris airport transfer. Once you’re in city center,
you’ll have to change trains for Marne La Valle. It takes an hour and a quarter to get to Disneyland from CDG

From “Terminal 2”, you can avail the TGV (train grand vitesse) service. You’ll be poorer by 25 Euros but it is the
fastest mode of transport taking a little over 12 minutes. It is also the most expensive of train trips in France.

There are shuttle buses and taxis as well

You can try the alternative Paris shuttle buses run by VEA that cost 18 E and shuttle taxis will set you back by
60 to 80 Euros. It takes an hour by bus and 35 to 40 minutes by taxi to get to Disneyland."

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