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Comment Disappointing (Score 1) 259

I've been using linux from 1998 to 2005, with various windowmanager (wmaker, enlightenment etc.), but sorry, I really cannot see much progress here. There is still to much to configure (hey, I want to work with my system, not spend too much time on configurating), the windows don't look very nice and the handling still seems to be somehow circuitous (eg. moving stuff in the taskbar). Sorry, but in my view not a step forward to Linux on the Desktop.

Comment Re:So show me the clean energy research and develo (Score 1) 561

So show me the clean energy research and development that Green Peace does.

Clean energy would be unnecessary, because as far as I've been able to figure, Greenpeace wants the human race to simply all die. No energy required after that.

Your comment is just trolling. No serious arguing.

Comment Re:So show me the clean energy research and develo (Score 1) 561

So show me the clean energy research and development that Green Peace does.
If they care about the planet so much maybe they should invest some money, hire some scientists, develop new technologies and fix something for a change instead of protesting pointlessly.
So maybe for once they could take all this money from donations and build say a windfarm and sell clean electric energy to people?
But wait, I bet they are protesting those as well.

Your're so wrong. Please inform yourself before complaining about their actions. In fact they are selling pollution-free energy for years.
See (in English): and

Comment Re:-Sigh- (Score 3, Insightful) 561

I only hope these people live long enough to see the consequences of the abandonment of nuclear power. Seriously, why don't they pull this shit in coal stations?

I hope people in the US live long enough to see the alternatives to coal and nuclear energy. One big point is power saving. Just compare the energy consumption of the US with oder industry nations (eg. Why are the US folks unable to act more responsible? Why do they block Kyoto- and Post-Kyoto (or similar) efforts?

Comment Re:It's funny how stupid they are (Score 1) 561

Nuclear power is one of the less polluting ways to get energy out there. Yet they protest against it. Guess they would be more happy with coal plants. (I have no real life idea about the situation, but this is what I learned from SimCity)

Are you serious? Go and tell the people in Tschernobyl and Fukushima and many other places. Radioaktive pollution is pollution as well, although you can't see it or smell it.

Comment Re:I simply have to agree (Score 1) 474

Windfarms are expensive to maintain?!??? WTF, look a the disaster in Japan. And, how much does it cost to keep the nuclear waste safe for thousands of years?

BTW, who gives us the right to burden our children an their children (and so on) with radioactive waste and to pollute large areas (cf. Tschernobyl, Fukushima, etc.) for hundreds of years?

Comment Re:Say waht you will about MS (Score 1) 474

What is economical is a question of politics. Nuclear energy is economical, because risks are mainly carried by the state. Who is paying for all the damage in Fukushima? Not the folks running that power plant! They are paying a lot less. They are never able to pay everything, because they were allowed to sell their power so cheap (of course everybody was happy with that).

No, Bill Gates is wrong (again). He should stay at his business. Tell us about the future of operating systems, Bill! (but, please, a little more creative)


Linux To Be First OS To Support USB 3.0 296

An anonymous reader writes with an excerpt from "Sarah Sharp, a self-styled 'geekess' and Linux developer at Intel's Open Source Technology Center who has recently been working on the Linux USB subsystem, announced on her blog that support of USB 3.0 will soon be integrated into the Linux kernel. This makes Linux the first operating system to support the standard. If you can't wait and have the expertise necessary, she includes instructions on how to get USB 3.0 support in Linux now." Here's Sharp's post.
Linux Business

Dell To Offer Open Source Bundles 84

ruphus13 writes "Dell has been offering Linux-based machines for a while, especially its Server-class machines. Now, Dell has decided that there are several open source applications that are ready for mainstream consumers. From the post, 'While we've all been speculating about whether Dell is working on Android netbooks, the computer hardware and software vendor was busy bundling open source applications to offer to small- and medium-sized business customers looking for low-cost alternatives to commercial software. The pre-configured "SMB-in-a-box" software is only available in the US for now, but Dell expects to launch a similar offering in Asia by the end of 2009... Although no specifics have been given about which apps are included in Dell's first bundle, it is aimed at the retail sector.' It is going to be interesting to see what Dell picks as the 'must-have' applications for the SMB market."

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