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Comment Re:Favorite (Score 2) 397

I had one of those and took a day off, and the part where I chewed them out was almost identical to yours. The only difference was they scheduled the guy to come out in a four hour window, and after he never showed, I called and was told he did already came.

"The service technician was already there. Do you still have the problem?"


"Thanks for telling me I needed to be at home then. Vacation time isn't free!"

The guy fixed whatever was to be fixed without ever coming inside, and also without ever telling me he fixed anything.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 5, Interesting) 692

Most important to any psychedelic trip are set and setting. If you lead a mostly positive life and don't carry emotional baggage, your psychedelic trips should be mostly beautiful and non-threatening. If you have a lot of negative baggage built up or are in an unfamiliar or potentially threatening setting, you are more likely to have a bad trip.

As an experienced ket tripper, I've been in a lot of mindsets going into a trip. I've had beautiful experiences that have changed me for the better, and I've had some trips to hell that have been ugly and scary. The connections to archetypes are always pretty pronounced on this drug. I've never had that happen consistently on other psychedelics like mushies.

I think the researchers should look specifically at 5-MeO-DMT, since that is actually produced by the body and is a potent psychedelic. I believe it has a direct connection to these NDEs.

Comment Re:My experience of the same thing... (Score 1) 259

I'm sure this is the principal way documents are leaked from just about any organisation.

I had a coworker that forwarded our pricing worksheet to a customer once. It basically explained how we come up with our prices, and exactly where they could squeeze us. We're a pretty big company, and that would be a pretty damaging document to leak, especially if the customer wasn't honest and decided to leak it themselves. I worked third shift, and walked in to see all of her personal items in a box. She wasn't allowed in the next day.


David Pogue Wants to Take Back the Beep 383

David Pogue has distilled into useful form a long-standing complaint I have (and one reason I have long had a voice mail greeting that asked people not to leave me voicemail): cell phone companies set up the greeting, caller instructions, and playback system prompts in large part to maximize their revenue per user; by his calculations, the "mandatory 15-second voicmail instructions" from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and others is earning those companies something near a billion dollars a year in charges. Pogue suggests that users should "take back the beep," and to that end provides contact information for the largest cell carriers in order to register a complaint — and, more helpful in the short run, suggests ways in which to make better use of paid-for phone minutes by alerting callers how to bypass the annoying instructions.

Comment Internet distribution? (Score 0, Redundant) 1276

I didn't read the whole reply chain, but I'm surprised I didn't see digital distribution brought up as a competitor. I have a 61" HD-ILA HDTV in my livingroom, and no hardware capable of HD output except for my XBOX 360. I rent a ton of HD movies on my 360 and watch them for what, $5? I do not plan on buying a Bluray player at all. My DVDs look hot as hell played off of the 360 as well. I think optical media is reaching a close.

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