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Comment Choose Rotarix. The best way to be sure. (Score 0) 1025

The problem is risk assesment - does any vaccination program evaluate your individual risks (hereditary atypical reaction, longterm gene regulation towards depression, batch contamination, increased tumor risks to name few) against average contagion risk at current time, against death risk from disease? What about silent atypical infections (like atypical rubella among vaccinated population, strain accumulating mutations)? I do WANT to vaccinate, I just find it bit weak if typical approach is that it is for common good and statistically you do not win the anaphylactic shock lottery ever.

Comment Association with early vaccination anyone? (Score 0) 136

Long term changes in gene expression possible depending on the age timing of individual immune system loading. Why this sounds familiar - ah, the individual clinical immunology vs. population wide epidemiological benefits fight again. So, any funding to long term research on synapse remodeling connected to induced immune responses in humans (like 10-15 years) or just continue to let the complement cascade to eat the toddlers bit stupid?

Comment Godwins law flexing it's muscles in background... (Score 0) 363

Just a question of drastic vs draconian methods in reducing population resource use. But at least a try in a direction of technological escape velocity - why stop at taste or midgets, lets cluster baby brains on city sized monstrosity roaming around in ocean, feeding on any organic substance. Or better yet - one swift blow to population numbers by...

Comment Gaming the system - just another dilution factor (Score 1) 333

Considering co-authoring industry and overall dilution of academic education (percentage of people having degree rises steadily), it is perfectly normal and reasonable, given the stagnated education system. I would say that the education system is tuned to train future professors (all other not reaching that status are rejects and do not count much in conjuring the educational policies). If you have other goals, then system is formally too inflexible so you cope with gaming it in all possible ways (and it is half legal already). Lets see if online education forces changes - it is probably disruptive technology and major pressure to universities.

Comment The first most important thing.... (Score 1) 364

is to extend individual lifetime or mental capacity exponentially (or both). We are running dry of the lifetime of our best minds before more complex subjects can be grasped well enough to make progress. If you can extend the productive age even only to 100-150 years, it would allow multidisciplinary research depth unseen at the moment. All else is secondary... (and direct result of extended individual productive lifetime). I always wonder why most humans quietly cope with aging, truly disturbing cognitive dissonance.

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