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Comment Re:My experience (Score 1) 287

I went to a concert at a sports venue, a lousy place with zero acoustics. I had eaten some peyote that was difficult to chew and swallow. I could "see" sounds, the noise from the crowd was like a river passing by me. After the concert ended I walked out to my car and there was a light drizzle that felt odd. No, I didn't drive. A friend did.

Comment Re:Mine: (Score 1) 1219

Paul. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have a chemistry that works. Two mates I'd like to share a pint with at the pub. Their reality is so convincing that the movie doesn't seem to be sci-fi. Kristin Wigg contributes to the Inspector Closueau ineptness of the groups situation. The voice of Paul was familiar and it took me a while to figure out it was Mr. Rogen.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 316

I watch less and less TV because of the poor content. "Reality " shows are cheap to produce: a camera person, a sound person and a producer who tells them what direction to face. The local news is all crime reports and the national news is all Trump all the time. I have a big collection of movies on DVD and Blu-Ray to watch, and have a great bicycle. I ride my Miyata 5 miles almost every day. There is a bird feeder and bird bath in my yard so I sit, read, and watch the birds.

Comment Repair Costs (Score 2) 225

The last time I took my Ford to a dealer they charged $150.00 per hour for labor with a 4 hour minimum. And outrageous parts pricing. A friendly parts man sold me items at 40% off list and there were 50 and 60% off columns in the list. There aren't many repairs that I can do but some independent shops will negotiate costs.

Comment Rail Personnel (Score 1) 160

It's a stressful job working long hours away from friends and family. Have you ever been in a train cab? They are not designed for comfort .Noisy and diesel fumes. A friend worked on trains in New Mexico, good pay and benefits but he was stressed.

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