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Journal tqft's Journal: Fun things about Australia 2

While people in the USA are arguing about warantless wiretaps, we have them already

'The number was down on the 280,000+ the previous year due to a big fall in NSW Police intercepts, but the Federal Police obtained nearly 23,000 intercepts, up from 20,869 the year before. The data does not cover interceptions by intelligence and security agencies like ASIO.

The four warrants cover historical telephone subscriber information, SEEK data for a telephone number, user data (including credit card details and internet activity data such as log-on times and sites visited) for an IP address and call charge recordsâ â"âthe details of telephone calls, including locational dataââ"âfor identified phone numbers. Each of the intercept requests is simply authorisable by a Federal Police officer."

And that is before we get the
Cybercrime Legislation Amendment Bill passed (went thru the lower house, not thru the Senate as one of those pesky minor parties wanted changes :) ),intercept-laws-hamper-local-user-privacy.aspx

And here comes the NBN
"In some cases, the technologies have been delayed to ensure interception is possible.

A similar issue was raised recently surrounding the introduction of Internet Protocol version 6.

In addition, industry talks around how such interception will occur under the National Broadband Network have turned to whether authorities will bother with end-user service providers for fixed-line access and move straight to intercepting traffic at NBN Co's points of interconnect."

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Fun things about Australia

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