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Journal tps12's Journal: Lordy 7

My word. I guess I should have known better than to have spoken ill of Apple. Every comment of mine in the thread is now at 0 or -1. All I tried to do was suggest that perhaps Apple should offer a 2- or 3-button mouse as an option, and people went nuts.

I guess I had forgotten how irrational and quick-to-anger Mac zealots can be. But then again, I haven't been a Mac zealot since I was 13 or so, so that's not surprising.

Just to clear things up: Steve Jobs is not your mommy. He doesn't love you. He is a Big Bad Businessman, just like Bill Gates or Linus Torvalds. These guys aren't gods, so let's stop worshipping them.

Eh, well.

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  • Feh, you speak ill of Apple, therefore you get
    modded down in all your posts. Not really. I think
    you got modded down mostly because of your history.

    Also notice how your argument in each of your posts
    was essentially the same. Blaming your resultant
    loss of karma on the "Mac Zealots" pretty much
    reduces you to zealot level yourself. This isn't a
    conspiracy, you just decided to beat a dead horse
    with a new stick.
    • My argument was the same because the Mac zealots with whom I was arguing appeared to misunderstand me repeatedly. After 3 or 4 iterations, when one of them finally revealed that he agreed with me completely, it was too late, since he'd already called troll from the beginning.

      Also, if someone has a problem with an old post of mine, he or she should mod it down, not mod down new posts that are completely unrelated. History already does affect new posts, via the -1/0/+1 Boni. Prejudiced moderation is not necessary, nor desireable.
      • Prejudiced moderation is not necessary, nor desireable.

        True, but /. being what it is, you're gonna get that.
        And the pendulum swings both ways, as I've been
        modded a troll for declaring I liked my Mac better
        than my PC.
        • Of course. I am more concerned with the "I don't like you, so I'll mod your post down" type of prejudice than the "I don't like what you said about my favorite thing, so I'll mod your post down" variety.

          Vindictive "grudge" moderation is not as bad here as on other sites []. In my experience, people (and moderators especially) forget who you are after a few days of silence. The sheer volume of users and posts make it easy to be anonymous, especially when your username contains numbers.

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