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Comment Re:Nokia's death spiral continues (Score 5, Informative) 350

Mod parent up. The blog in question is awesome. For example this:
  "Before the Burning Platforms memo, in 2010 Nokia towered over its rivals like very few companies have ever managed in a Fortune 500 size scale. Nokia's smartphones sold more than 2x those of the iPhone and more than 3x as many as Samsung. Today only 18 months later, Nokia is a third the size of the iPhone and one quarter the size of Samsung's smartphones. Never, ever, in any industry, has a global market leader collapsed this comprehensively. This is a world record in destruction of a market leader. Understand what that means. Elop has set a world record in management failure. He is a world record holder in the most incompetent CEO that has ever been. Not just the worst CEO now, but of all time - that is what 'world record' means - and this collapse of Nokia is BY A WIDE MARGIN the biggest collapse of a global Fortune 500 sized company, who was the market leader in its own industry. I have been asking my readers to come up with any example of such total collapse in 12 months in economic history - never been done. Never. This is the worst management failure of all time! And it was not caused by a tsunami or earthquake or national revolution or exploding factory. It was caused by Stephen Elop. He started the destruction on a February day in Espoo when he released his Burning Platforms memo. "

Comment Re:Not exactly WWII (Score 2) 640

... offensive that cut off the Nazi supply lines and cost the Nazi's the most battle hardened and experienced divisions in the Nazi army.

I think your reference of the German armed forces as the "Nazi army" is misleading at best, predjudiced at worst. Most WWII historians/enthusiasts prefer Wehrmacht or the German army. Many of them were not Nazis.

Comment Re:She's STILL SAYING IT! (Score 1) 541

The medical math behind vaccinations is actually pretty simple. I had a discussion about this some time ago with a friend of mine who was at med school. The details are hazy but basically all the things you consider are

-Number of people affected without vaccination
-Number of people affected due to vaccination
-Severity of affection without vaccination
-Severity of affection with vaccination

Then apply conditional propabilities and factor in the costs & human factors for each case. Simple, really. The health care officials will easily kill 5 people with vaccinations if it prevents 5 000 000 people to get sick with a 0.1% chance of dying. What makes it more complicated is the herd immunity factor and human nature. It's easy to game the system by not getting vaccinated and relying on the herd immunity. I'm not a doctor so I can't judge the pros and cons of chicken pox vaccination but I do believe that the system is not foolproof, people actually make mistakes and companies try to make profits with vaccines. Also, parent hysteria is a factor that must be considered.

Comment Re:She's STILL SAYING IT! (Score 1) 541

What if a parent used the vaccine schedule of Denmark, Norway, Japan or Finland -- countries that give one-third the shots we do (12 shots vs. 36 in the U.S.)?

I'm disgusted that the name of my country is used by her in this context. That being said, we have an ongoing public debate considering the swine flu vaccination in Finland. The whole thing seemed really suspicious to me, and I am by no means against vaccination. I want to make this absolutely clear, I strongly support vaccinating children.

After people were vaccinated in Finland there were many cases of narcolepsy. The doctors and authorities have confirmed that there exists a connection on the times when narcolepsy became more common and the vaccinations began. No correlation other than the dates has been found. However, there are interesting connections between the pharmaceutical companies and health authorities. The people that have recommended the vaccination program are also being paid by the pharma companies to do research. I find this extremely interesting considering that the vaccinations were rushed to the public with a schedule that is much faster than in normal vaccination programs. I myself did not get the vaccination. I really don't want to give ammunition to the antivaxxers but I still wonder if corruption and incompeteness prevailed in the vaccination program.

Submission + - NASA News Conference on Astrobiology Discovery (

tpheiska writes: NASA Sets News Conference on Astrobiology Discovery; Science Journal Has Embargoed Details Until 2 p.m. EST On Dec. 2

NASA will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 2, to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life .

The news conference will be held at the NASA Headquarters auditorium at 300 E St. SW, in Washington. It will be broadcast live on NASA Television and streamed on the agency's website at


iPhone Alarm Bug Leads To Mass European Sleep-in 487

nk497 writes "A flaw in the alarm clock in iPhone 4s gave Europeans a bit of a lie-in this morning. While the Apple handsets automatically adjusted to daylight savings time, a bug in the alarm system meant many were woken up an hour later than they should have been, after clocks rolled back over the weekend. Annoyingly, Australia was hit by a similar problem last month, but Apple failed to fix the problem or even warn users. American Apple fans, consider yourselves warned. The iOS4 bug can apparently be avoided by using one-off alarms, rather than pre-set regular wake-up calls."

Submission + - iPhone alarm clock hit by daytime savings bug (

tpheiska writes: The iOS bug that caused recurring alarms to go off an hour early in New Zealand after its switch to Daylight Saving Time subsequently hit some territories in Australia following their switchover a week later. Apple promised a fix to the problem, and it's likely the fix will be bundled with the forthcoming iOS 4.2 update — but that update hasn't come soon enough to stop the problem from striking Europe. With the switchover to Standard Time in Northern Hemisphere nations, European and Middle Eastern countries that have switched are now experiencing the same problem we saw in New Zealand and Australia, but in reverse: Europeans' recurring alarms are going off an hour later following the switch to Standard Time.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 237

Apologies for commenting on my own post. Just a random pick from the list, an experiment done back in the day, Zeolite Crystal Growth (ZCG).

Some exerpts:

Zeolites, which are mineral crystals of aluminosilicates, have a rigid crystalline structure with a network of interconnected tunnels and cages that is similar to a honeycomb. A sort of mineral sponge, zeolites have the ability to absorb and release liquids and gases such as petroleum or hydrogen while remaining as hard as rock.


Results from the samples mixed on ISS suggest that the Lewis acid catalytic sites are altered in microgravity, as indicated by lower catalytic activity in the MPV probe reaction compared to Earth-grown zeolite. This further suggests that the control of fluid dynamics during crystallization may be important in making better industrial catalysts. Although space-grown zeolites had the same particle morphology and identical surface framework as zeolites grown on Earth, the average zeolite size of the space-grown crystals was 10% larger than crystals grown on Earth (Akata et al. 2004).

Larger zeolite crystals allow researchers to better define the structure and understand how they work, with a goal of producing improved crystals on Earth. Improved zeolites may have applications in storing hydrogen fuel, reduction of hazardous byproducts from chemical processing, and more efficient techniques for petroleum processing.

So just tacking a random pick of the huge experiment list, something called ZCG, I found that there are substantial results. These people just need to get the public interested with this stuff by communicating it more efficiently. "The science we do might lower gas prices and also contribute to hydrogen car research".

Comment Re:Nope (Score 2, Informative) 237

The ISS is the most amazing laboratory ever built. Vast amounts of awesome science is done on it. Thing is, NASA is so completely inept at communicating this to the public that even space geeks, like myself, have no idea what the hell they do up there.

Your post got me wondering.. I had no idea either. A little google search gave me this interesting list.

Comment Re:Why now? (Score 1) 132

It didn't take that long.

I distinctly remember hearing about this in a lecture back in 2006 in Kiruna space campus. They have investigated stuff like this for a while there and remarked that spacecraft launches 'also' cause them. Shuttles were not specifically mentioned.

The clouds that are not man-made were said to dissolve ozone, but not in big quantities, they are completely "natural".

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