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Comment Re:It's just business - nothing personal (Score 1) 353

Plus I should point out that you are trying to foist your politics off on Stripe. Why should they be forced to share your political beliefs? Why should they be forced to pick a side?

Because he is (was) paying them. Would you pay for the services of some company that does things you abhor, when there are competitors you could go with that don't do those things?

Comment Re:Comcast can suck it (Score 1) 397

NO kidding bro. They have FIOS up in Dallas, 25 megabits/second for about $60/month, but the fastest you can get in Houston is Comcrap's 16 meg service (over $100/month). Also, just received a letter in the mail a few days ago from AT&T talking about "Get Uverse internet and get 12mbps!" Great, sign me up! "Ok, $150 installation fee." Thought about it for awhile, still wanted faster speed, so went ahead. "Ok, now we need a credit card. No, we aren't charging anything to it now, but we need it just in case. Debit cards won't work, only credit cards." Fuck that. Stupid fucking ISPs just don't know how to do business anymore.

Comment Not going dead anytime soon (Score 1) 411

I don't think the line in jack is going to go extinct anytime soon. My current car, and a previous one, both had line-ins, and it was a major factor in the purchase of those vehicles. For the longest time, it was the only way to hook up an iPod or CD player (if the car didn't have one) or other things; I believe the satellite radios did it for awhile too, right?

Nowadays you can get a new car with an option to be "iPod compatible", but even if it works, it only works with iPods. Also, its an expensive option. A male-to-male line-in cable costs as much as $15 if you can't find a cheap one, but thats the upper limit. The options on new vehicles can add hundreds or thousands. Plus, the line-in "just works".

Role Playing (Games)

Final Fantasy I and II Are Coming To the iPhone and iPod Touch 142

jonasvdc tips an announcement by Square Enix that Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II are being developed for the iPhone and the iPod touch. The graphics and UI have been modified to look and run better on the touchscreen devices, but everything from Cecil to the classic Black Mage is clearly recognizable. The announcement did not include any information on a price or release date.

Using EMP To Punch Holes In Steel 165

angrytuna writes "The Economist is running a story about a group of researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology in Chemnitz, Germany, who've found a way to use an EMP device to shape and punch holes through steel. The process enjoys advantages over both lasers, which take more time to bore the hole (0.2 vs. 1.4 seconds), and by metal presses, which can leave burrs that must be removed by hand."

Psystar Activation Servers Down? 245

An anonymous reader writes "I purchased Rebel EFI in support of Psystar's crusade back in October. Just 3 short months later, I have no support. I found this out when I upgraded my hard drive and installed Snow Leopard using Rebel EFI. The program can no longer 'phone home' to activate or download/install drivers. This is a direct contradiction to Psystar's promise posted on their website: 'Psystar will continue to support all of its existing customers of hardware and software through this transitional period. Warranties on hardware will continue to be honored as long the customer has a valid warranty. Rebel EFI support for existing customers, as always, will remain exclusively available through email and the built-in ticket interface.' Has anyone else run into this issue? It has been 9 days with no response from Psystar by e-mail or phone."

Elderly To Get Satellite Navigation To Find Their Way Around Supermarkets 80

Three government centers in the UK have been working on a way to use digital technology to help the elderly and the disabled. One of their ideas is a supermarket satellite navigation system to help elderly people who get confused by changing layouts in the aisles. Professor Paul Watson, of Newcastle University, said: "Many older people lack the confidence to maintain 'normal' walking habits. This is often due to worries about getting lost in unfamiliar, new or changing environments." A kitchen for Alzheimer's patients packed with hidden sensors and projectors is also in the works.

Comment Re:Goodness gracious me (Score 1) 570

In Texas at least, and I think California, if you go into smaller general shops or gas station mini marts you can find 330mL glass bottles of Coca Cola made with cane sugar. The cheapest I've seen it is $.95/bottle. It tastes awesome. If you have a choice, get the stuff that is bottled in Monterrey; it says where it is bottled on the side of the cap. The stuff bottled in Tijuana is horrible and watered-down shit.

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