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Submission + - Diskeeper accused of Scientology indoctrination (xenu-directory.net) 1

touretzky writes: "Diskeeper Corporation has been sued in Los Angeles Superior Court by two ex-employees who allege that the company makes Scientology training a mandatory condition of employement. Diskeeper founder and CEO Craig Jensen is a high levelI, publicly-avowed Scientologist who has given millions to his Church. Diskeeper's surprising response to the lawsuit appears to be that religious instruction in a place of employment is protected by the First Amendment."

Submission + - Eclipse Aviation subpoenas Google for blogger IDs (blogspot.com)

touretzky writes: "Very light jet manufacturer Eclipse Aviation, headed by former Microsoft executive Vern Raburn, has filed suit against 28 anonymous critics from the Eclipse Aviation Critic NG blog, and served Google with a subpoena for their names and IP addresses. Eclipse alleges the bloggers disclosed trade secrets and violated NDAs, but Raburn has also accused them of "speculating" and posting erroneous information, which would seem to undercut his NDA violation claims. At least some of the critics deny any connection to the company or its suppliers, or that they are covered by NDAs. An attorney for the group has filed a motion to quash the subpoena."

Submission + - Quixtar sues 21 anonymous bloggers and YouTubers (cmu.edu)

Dave Touretzky writes: "Quixtar (formerly known as Amway) has filed suit against 21 anonymous bloggers and YouTubers in an effort to unmask their identities. The suit alleges that the anonymous critics are acting on behalf of TEAM, a group of Quixtar distributors that recently broke with the company. Quixtar and TEAM are presently suing each other, and TEAM has called Quixtar a "pyramid scheme" whose prices are too high. One of the videos mentioned in the subpeona is a hilarious spoof of a Quixtar sales presentation that does seem to repeat TEAM's criticisms of Quixtar — but they're the same criticisms people have been making for decades. Another one of the targeted videos is an innocuous piece of criticism whose inclusion clearly demonstrates that Quixtar's real interested is intimidating its critics. Google is giving YouTubers until Nov. 5th to file motions to quash the subpoenas for their identities. Once unmasked, Quixtar will likely subpoena the defendants' hard drives, as they have done previously."

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