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Comment Re:Getting sick of this (Score 1) 69

I'm talking about distributed hosting on virtual computers. I'm not talking about sharing webroots among the "emergency network", I'm talking about a vmware/virtualpc image that participants just fire up when needed. talk about a standard (well, if there's such thing) 3 tier website: www, application, database. the database can be anywhere, since users don't connect to it. application servers can then be distributed. webservers of course can be distributed. VPN would transmit data among these servers. a good contract system can solve the privacy issues. Again, I'm not talking about everyone hosting these images: I'm talking about guys like tier1 providers, akamai solutions and such. I have about 60 servers in two tier one locations, and in the long term, I'm worried about ddos. but I would be happy to dedicate one or more servers for this network, and if an alliance of such was formed, our management would sure be willing to have an "insurance" like this, at 5 grand a year or so. Again, I can't answer the specific questions, but I'm certain it could be done and could be done well. International - well, again, the database doesn't need to leave the country. web and application could tho...

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