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Submission + - Japan:Caesium measured, melt down may have started ( 5

Anonymous Coward writes: "A japanese media broadcaster (NHK) as well es German and Reuters report a possible start of a melt down in Fukushima 1/1 as caesium, a by product of melt downs was measured near the reactor: 'The government's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency says nuclear material cesium has been detected near the Number One reactor at the Fukushima Number One nuclear power plant. The agency says the detection indicates that some of the nuclear fuel at the reactor may have started melting, because cesium is produced during a nuclear chain reaction' (NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation)."

Comment Fully customizable, except for left handed people (Score 0, Redundant) 156

You can change almost anything in this mouse, except you cannot turn it into a left-handed mouse. This mouse is for right-handed people only.

I'm left handed and I use a left-handed mouse at home. My hand muscles are much more relaxed with my mouse.

I have also tried symmetrical mouses, but I still feel a mouse shaped to the hand you are going to use it is much better.

Comment Slashdotted (Score 1) 336

Comment Nokia's problem is software not hardware (Score 1) 1

I myself own a Nokia N97. Its hardware is very well constructed, solid, nice touch, good camera, but it's software is damn slow and buggy, mainly because it's based in Symbian. I'd say Nokia should focus much more in software development rather than hardware if they want to succeed. So this joint venture with Intel is not going to change anything in the marketplace, as Nokia's hardware is good enough now.

Comment It could be used with PLC instead of wireless (Score 1) 330

I think this Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication of home appliances would better use PLC instead of wireless for communicating. All of these appliances already need a power plug, so no extra cables are needed. And the wireless communication can be really bad in some houses with thick walls.

Comment Re:MSFT can't give out VFAT, but can give out C#/M (Score 1) 272

It may be an strategic choice from MS. Preventing people from use other filesystems will lock you to Windows. In the other hand, releasing a development kit to users for free (as in beer) would help them increase the user base, and thus selling more Windows copies. A better explanation here:

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