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Comment They should be paying you for it. (Score 1) 451

Worth it? Get a couple SNPs checked out? No. However, they make you sign a waiver where you give them the right to use your data for science. Sounds noble? Think again, they are building a database of human data that the medical system has all the trouble in the world to build because of ethical issues. Their goal: make a huge database of "completish" human genomes and then sell access to it to big pharma and do some academic money grabbing by "contributing" to research programs as industry partner. The same way Celera sold expensive access to their "more complete" human genome in the days. Companies bought access for lots of money thinking it would give them an edge. Did it? Sure not, the data was mostly crap and still incomplete. But it's an excellent business model Hey! Would you sign your soul to the devil for a facebook account? You might as well.

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