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Journal Journal: Best Java book for a long-time Perl user?

So here's the deal...I've been going on my merry way now writing code at my job - mainly Perl, shell scripts, PHP, and some basic Javascript. I also do a whole lot of software testing. Just recently I've been assigned a new task: I need to take over the maintenance of a test system developed by a company we purchased a while back.

The product I'll be testing is written entirely in Java, using Eclipse as the SDK. The test framework is Fitnesse (Google it if you're not familiar, it's the very first link) which uses Java fixtures powered by a wiki-like web-based front end.

Now, I'm being forced to leave the safe confines of an area in which I know a great deal (Perl, shell, and UNIX scripting) and being thrust out into the bright, scary world of Java development. I am a Java newbie. I have some basic C skills, even less C++, and I can write "Hello world" in Java. Maybe.

With that in mind, is there a book out there, similar to the great "Camel Book" for Perl, that is the de-facto standard in learning Java? If no, which books would you recommend to a die-hard Perl fan looking to learn Java the quick and dirty way?

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