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Comment Re:Audiophiles (Score 2, Insightful) 468

Audiophiles are pretty much the dumbest group of people ever. No, you can't hear a difference between this $5000 speaker and this $150 speaker.

Um, you're dead wrong about that one.

Yeah, you're obviously using the wrong cable. If you had something like this maybe you would have a different opinion.

For the record, anyone that pays $1100 for an HDMI cable should be mauled by angry weasels.

Comment Re:The Obvious Answer (Score 1) 343

I have a BS in Computer Science, switched my major from chemistry after my sophomore year, also very strong in biology, biochem, and math. No worries there.

Only if she wants to go into Computer Science. What if she wanted to go into Political Science, Biology, or Medicine?

She does want to go into medicine, which is where my chemistry and biology experience come in handy. I don't have a degree in biology, but I can easily teach it at a high school level. Likewise for chemistry and most everything else at a high school level. It's not hard. Not every high school biology teacher has a BS in Biology, not every high school chemistry teacher has a BS in Chemistry. So I cover the basics, and private tutors and AP classes at the local community college teach her the rest. They have labs and everything. You don't think I considered or researched this stuff before I agreed to let her homeschool?

Comment Re:The Obvious Answer (Score 1) 343

Arguments For Public School

She wants to go to Medical School. In a Public HS she can be taught by people that have Degrees in the Sciences and thus might be more able to help her advance then her parents (assuming that either of you don't have a BS in Biology or some science).

I have a BS in Computer Science, switched my major from chemistry after my sophomore year, also very strong in biology, biochem, and math. No worries there.

IB, AP, and Dual Credit courses will but her ahead of the regular curve and get her college credit while in HS.

These are available for her from the local community college, as a homeschooler. Of course, I pay for them just like college credits, but in return she earns college credits for them the same way she would for any AP class in high school. She will be taking those next year once she is prepared for AP level classes.

Labs. most Homeschooled parents are not going to be dissecting Cow Hearts and Whole Cats to name two of the labs she would do in the Dual Credit class for Anatomy.

Funny you mentioned that, because we actually just dissected a couple of chicken hearts the other day. She was grossed out but also fascinated.

I'm not saying any of these are not valid points. If the parent is unwilling to participate, or unable to due to financial constraints, or simply uneducated, then homeschooling is *NOT* a good idea. The parents have to take it very, very seriously. And if the parents are uneducated morons, they will raise uneducated morons. :)

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