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Comment Re:My experience on Wikipedia (Score 2, Insightful) 727

You could just as easily say: Prison officials are in charge of prison stuff, which may or may not involve measures to prevent rape, but usually doesn't. It makes just as much sense as your last sentence.

K. That implies that they don't have the moral obligation to protect prisoners from that level of harm. If that's the case, would it not be more economical to simply put all prisoners on islands with the means to grow food, and shoot anyone who tries to leave before their time is up? That's a similar level of duty of care to what a justified disinterest in prison rape implies.

In this supposedly more enlightened age, where we generally disapprove of practices such as marooning, these things are in fact not tolerated. We recognize that prisoners have certain basic rights, and I think the right not to be raped is one of them. Prison officials have chosen to take responsibility for that, along with their responsibilities to the rest of us such as keeping prisoners locked up.

As to an agenda, it shouldn't stop anyone looking at the factual basis for the argument, facts which you have not rejected but rather attempted to excuse.

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