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Comment Re:its what the scouts are FOR (Score 1) 366

Care to back this up? Sure, Scouting was started in the UK by a former British soldier and spy but the Boy Scouts of America was started by a published in 1910 with the Cub Scouts following 20 years later. I assume that you are not involved in Scouting, otherwise you would know more about the mission and values of Scouting - self-respect, confidence, respect for others, country and God, and an appreciation for the outdoors and a willingness to help others whenever needed. Maybe it just happens that these are also values of good soldier, but really, is there anything wrong with aspiring to be a batter citizen of the world?

Comment Re:(De)Evolving with the times (Score 3, Informative) 366

THIS IS NOT THE BOY SCOUTS. This is an activity belt loop and pin for the Cub Scouts, aged 7 to 12. And if anyone bothered to read the requirements, you would see that the award is a thinly-veiled attempt to teach the boys about thriftiness, enjoying family time, communication, and responsibility. The 3 main requirements have the boy create a schedule to complete homework and chores BEFORE games, explain the video game rating system and why it needed, and play a game that must be approved by a parent. Also, Pickens claims that the Scout can earn an award by playing games 1 hour a day. Nowhere in the requirements that Pickens links to does it state that a certain amount of time MUST be spent gaming. FUD. The Video Game award is only 1 of 13 awards recently released for Cub Scouts:Disability Awareness, Family Travel, Good Manners, Hiking, Hockey, Horseback Riding, Kickball, Nutrition, Pet Care, Photography, Reading and Writing, Skateboarding. I applaud BSA for updating a program with over 75 years of tradition, making Cub Scouting well rounded and relevant to the modern 7-12 year old boy.

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