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Comment Re:Tweeting (Score 1) 84

Also, if you have a small group of family and friends who have been scattered to the four winds for the usual reasons, it's a lovely way to be connected to them daily in an asynchronous, casual way. Perhaps you're lucky enough to have everyone you care about in the same time zone, but a lot of us are not that fortunate.

My brother spent a year and a half in Iraq. We used facebook, google chat, or even video conferencing to stay in touch. A year and a half is a lot longer than it seems when someone you care about is in harm's way. Social media for soldiers is an awesome thing if used appropriately.

Comment Re:Anybody can have a bad day (Score 1) 369

Unless you are the state of Michigan and spend 2 years re-designing the welfare program software for the entire state, only to find out that 90% of your employees who've been using the previous software, a DOS program from the 70's, don't even know how to use a mouse. When retraining your entire staff to use basic computer functions costs more than a 2 year IT project, it might be time to talk to HR.

Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 623

Unless you're the one who posted the comment, I think this dude was being serious. People get pissed when web developers build stuff that people actually like. A little thing called UI design that the software industry usually (not always),lags behind in. It doesn't matter how cool your program is, if only a programmer can figure how to use it. Of course, there's the other end of the spectrum with Apple, they build things to look cool first, to be functional second.

Comment Re:Apple haters ahoy! (Score 1) 267

You either need to change your automatic update settings or you have a re-curring error, in which the system is set to automatically restart. To turn it off: Right-click on My Computer-> Click the Properties option-> Click the Advanced tab->Click the Settings button under Startup and Recovery->Uncheck the Automatically restart check box That should take care of all the automatic restarts that happen, unless something else is going. I had that happening all the time until I changed it up. Silly Microsoft.

Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 623

First of all, I never said what scope/type of design, development, server, CMS, etc. I do. Second, you're a moron if you think that all parts of web development are as simple as outsourcing to a code monkey in India. Finally, to answer your first question, people can and do pay good money for talented web developers/designers. To the tune of $75 an hour at my company. I guess that's why you posted anonymously though, no intelligent life form would want to be associated with dribble like that.

Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 623

You're exactly right, and the under appreciation or lack of respect for IT skills runs deeply across the entire industry. I've been doing web design and development for over five years and I always get the same general question from friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. Them: "So I have this business idea, but I need a website. Can you build me a sweet e-commerce site, with killer apps., awesome graphics, flash interfaces, etc.?" Me: "Yeah I can do that. (In my head I'm thinking for the right price)" Them: "Ok well my budget is $300, do you think that'd work?" I generally don't even dignify this type of crap with a response, unless it's someone I have to be nice too, like that family member you always see at Christmas. People just don't understand the years it takes to develop the necessary skills and the constant break neck pace our field evolves at. Yeah, I spent all this time and effort becoming proficient in this highly technical trade so I can make you rich while working for $4 an hour. No thanks.

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