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Comment Re: Does not follow? (Score 1) 805

You clarified a distinction between two memetic expressions, civil society vs civic society. The person you responded to was pointing out that going from a phenotypic expression (asian) to assuming a particular memetic expression (any number of different 'asian' cultures) is racist. The correlation between phenotype and memetic expression is weakening continually across the globe as cultures mix and mingle, especially here in the US. And if someone makes it all the way to being a CEO of an American corporation you can pretty much assume the correlation causes wrong inferences more often than right inferences.

Comment Re: The Actual Quote (Score 1) 805

I see your point. But he has also placed himself in the position of telling others what to believe. Either he cares about informing others about the actual truth and will make sure he has the right stats, or he cares about converting others to his warped perception of reality and spreads his confirmation bias. That he misread a stat and ran with something that should have made you go "say what?" and look closer, indicates the confirmation bias. It's a lie in that it is being told to others when it is not the truth. Regardless if it's an intentional lie or an unconscious lie from confirmation bias, he intentionally places himself in a position of telling others what to believe and is spreading lies.

Comment Re:The Actual Quote (Score 1) 805

I'm clearly missing the problem here? He has the wrong statistic (literally the opposite quantity), but what part of his statement doesn't make sense?

The question answers itself. He didn't take the time to have the right statistic and is running with a flagrant lie to insinuate something. What part of a civic society is founded on falsities?

Comment Re: So which one is it? (Score 1) 168

Observing at small scales is not a passive activity. You have to inject energy into the system (and have it reflect back) to make an observation. That injection of energy alters the system. So the universe does know when you are actively looking at it. Think of looking as not just looking with eyes passively but also shining a high energy flashlight in the direction of looking.

Comment Re: sTEM (Score 1) 219

I find computer science to be highly empirical and experimental. Does the program I just wrote meet the specification and solve the problem it is intended to solve? The hypothesis is yes. Unit testing and testing for corner cases is the empirical evidence that the specification and requirements are met. Debugging is the process of refining the hypothesis (statement of the program) based on empirical results.

You've been hired to fix a very elusive bug in a mission critical but complex low level system. Form your hypothesis based on the data available and test your correction to see I you were right. If bug still exists then refine hypothesis.

Computer Science gives you the reasoning tools necessary to empirically investigate computational systems. I teach computer science classes and I tell my students to experiment with different statements in python to see what happens. Learning how to program within a new language requires experimentation with combinations of expressions to develop the right mental model for the semantics and execution of the language.

If you can't see the science in computer science it's because you are stuck thinking that science applies only to the investigation of the physical world. Science applies whenever we try to tame the unknown and make it known. It is the process of refinement of our mental models. Every student engages in scientific exploration when they try to learn a new programming language. Each new discovery in relationship and properties of abstract systems is still a scientific discovery. For example, the discovery of unit propegation as a means of speeding up SAT solvers. It is a refinement of our mental models and integrating the theory into a coded sat solvers is empirical proof that the theoretical performance boost is indeed correct.

Comment Re: Excellent (Score 1) 153

You didn't choose your aesthetics, you chose to act in accordance with your aesthetics. Huge difference. It is the aesthetics (desires, preferences and sense of beauty and pleasure) that determine our wills. We do not have free will in altering our preferences and perception of beauty and pleasure. For a gay, straight, or bisexuals man to be willful in their choosing, they would have to be able to alter their aesthetics. Doesn't happen volitionally.

Comment Re:In other words. (Score 1) 288

Did you read the part of the linked to article that says that a similar request was refused and the court agreed that these records are not releasable though a FOIA request back in 2013? Yea, didn't think so...

And that proves there's nothing to hide because...?

It is standard practice for bureaucratic offices to deny requests which are not made through proper means. Citing that the request was made through improper means does not entail that there is something to hide, merely that the bureaucrats are either lazy or just not prone to sharing information unless required to by law.

The belief that "there is something to hide" is not supported by the events and is a projection of a mind prone to paranoia. That's not to say that there isn't something to hide, but merely that inferring such from the events is not a sound inference.

Comment Re:Why work together? (Score 1) 95

I use NONE of these tools as a web developer.

Unless your education was complete crap, you still learned what you were supposed to learn which was a skill with certain KINDS of tools, allowing you to move on and use better tools than what they used in your classes. At worst you learned what not to do and what tools not to use, which is still very valuable knowledge.

Comment Re:for all the critics I have the following... (Score 1) 755

Hell it doesn't even have to be "sharing" so much as reciprocity and symbiosis. It's not like you were born fully formed with the knowledge you now have. Your parents were not the only ones that supported your existence, after all who supported theirs?

If someone really doesn't want to give in return, there is always the option of leaving...

We live in a system and the system has to be looked at as a whole. The give and the take. Investing in the well being off others pays dividends in your improved quality of life.

Comment Re: 4/5 in favor (Score 3, Insightful) 755

Why would things be different under the proposed system? We don't have slaves now, and those jobs get done. They typically have higher pay to compensate for the undesirable aspects of the job or risk associated with them. Someone is choosing to do those jobs instead of other more desirable jobs.

In one scenario you have a choice between Y+0 compensation for job J_Y and X+0 compensation for J_X, Lets assume that J_X is the more undesirable job. The proposed scenario is that you would have a choice between Y+B and X+B, where B is a minimum stipend to cover the cost of existence in society. At worst, Y is going to be commensurate with B. The relevant metric is going to be the ratio (X-Y)/B. In the worst case scenario that boils down to X/B - 1. If the difference in pay for the undesirable job was high, then (X-Y)/B is high and you would still choose to do the undesirable job for its higher compensation. If (X-Y)/B was small then the difference between X and Y is small and if you're smart you would be working the more desirable job for slightly less pay.

The only places where B would have a negative impact on jobs is when X/B-1 is negative. Its better compensation for doing nothing. Since B is so small anyway, any job where X/B-1 is negative is essentially exploitation. You shouldn't be working that job anyway as it doesn't sustain your existence.

Comment Re:Stuff (Score 2) 128

Why is all the stuff broke? Why does all the stuff have holes in it? Why isn't there any stuff that isn't broke? ARM processors from now on. All this stuff is broke.

To a computer there is no difference between "good instructions" and "bad instructions". Any ability to update or improve existing code is also a vector for getting infected by malicious code. You can either allow updates and risk infection, or you can hard code the firmware and disallow updates, but then you're stuck with whatever the firmware is at the outset.

It's not broke. It's just upgradable. Unless you have solid protocols to control who can upgrade and what upgrades are applied, you are at risk of getting a malicious "upgrade". Even with good protocols, an attacker can mimic the appearance of an authorized upgrader and fake the certification of the upgrade to get a malicious payload installed.

Nature is riddled with this kind of phenomenon. Undesirable mate X tries to present itself as desirable mate Y to inject its dna into the replicator.

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