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Comment actually this is serous (Score -1) 70

From a legal standpoint if you are arrested, detained, pulled over, a cop cannot force you to unlock your phone without a court order. However the loophole is if they can get into your phone by responsible means, it falls into discovery (no password or using something stupid like 1234). One could argue since they already have your fingerprint, they are not forcing you to unlock your phone therefore it's free game.

Comment Trolls (Score 0) 313

I have been a long time Unix/Linux/Windows/Dos etc developer user etc. And I can say this, Windows 8 is a very bold move for Microsoft. I actually like the power user features. Now with GNU/Linux, there is NO such thing as free. Ever. Time is money. I cost about 300 an hour to help business that switch to Linux and have issues. It depends on what you are using it for, but Windows 8 definitely has its place.

Comment grrrr (Score 1, Interesting) 675

On the surface, yes this is MSFT being douches. But they do have sound reasoning if you hear it out. MSFT is sick and tired of being thought of a virus/malware ridding os. They are being aggressive. By locking down the EFI (new bios) that will prevent boot sector viruses. This is going to be the same for x86. There is a easy work around. DONT BUY A PRE-BUILT COMPUTER. I am avid Linux and Windows user. Try looking at it from their perspective and be a little more objective.

Comment Re:One more thing... (Score 1) 1184

LOL I LOVE APPLE FAN BOIZ!~!!!! :P You guys crack me up. Apple didn't innovate ANYTHING as far as video conferencing. They are hurting it if anything. Its limited to iphone 4 to iphone 4 only. AND only on wifi. Ummmm thats call webcam chat. Sure you can use the internet from my Evo so you can video chat lol. Come on iphone fan boys you have to admit, this is pretty weak. Honestly I was hoping for something with more pizazz.

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