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Comment At last!!! (Score 1) 7

I'm sure that Apple lost many of the 3G iphone customers from the 4.0 update. Most iphone 3g users that I know complain about this problem for about some time now. I'm one of them. I even had to google a way back to 3.1.3 version of the iphone OS to have my cell phone back. Also we don't have an official way to go back to an older version and we have to "hack" a way through it with 3rd party solutions. I hope ios 4.1 will fix the problem permanently and also I hope they improve their quality control at backwards compatibility for software that comes out from now on.

Submission + - What's wrong with E=mc^2..? (

kapede writes: Something rotten in Einstein's theory of relativity. Does mass expand with velocity, or doesn't it? The author argues that the general public is ill-informed about the more than a century old theory of relativity. Mass does not increase with velocity. Yet, inertia does as it is related to total energy. The author presents an all-encompassing framework for understanding mass energy and momentum (a simple annotated triangle). No easy read, but worth the effort.

Submission + - Spam from the White House?

An anonymous reader writes: Fox News reports that numerous persons have claimed to have received unsolicited e-mail about health care reform from the White House's David Axelrod. Some e-mail recipients also claimed that they never provided their e-mail addresses to the White House. In addition, a Fox blog reports that "Fox on Friday filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the full e-mail distribution list for the Axelrod health care e-mail and all internal White House e-mails about the list's creation."

Comment Deleting the character (Score 1) 287

I was consumed by WoW at 60lvl. I was in a guild that were doing BWL/MC/AQ and willing to go to Naxxramas at the time i quited WoW. Here is a video that I made of me deleting my tier 2 priest. It was the only way of me stopping WoW for good! I wasnot willing to sell him as I couldn't thought a noob walking around with my priest at Ironforge :)

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