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Submission + - DNS Root Server Attack

liquidat writes: "As you might have noticed, the DNS Root Servers G (US department of defense) and L (ICANN) are under attack. Have a look at the status images at RIPE. I wonder what the reasons are. Blackmailing?"

Submission + - Blue Ray beaten by...Print Screen

An anonymous reader writes: German mag C't has discovered you can record protected high-def flicks in full resolution via automating the print screen function of the provided Intervideo WinDVD software. Both Sony's Vaio and Toshiba's Qosmio laptops with Blu-ray and HD DVD drives respectively come bundled with the software, and are vulnerable to the hack. Quite simply, it can be used to capture the movies frame-by-frame, and then reassembled to create the entire movie. Not the most elegant solution, but they claim it works. http://www.engadgethd.com/2006/07/07/blu-ray-and-h d-dvd-copy-protection-defeated-by-print-screen/

Submission + - Google lost german toplevel domain google.de

Korkman writes: It seems Google has just lost one of it's major toplevel domains, google.de, to some german webhoster which was obviously well prepared for the traffic hit. See "http://www.google.de/", and, if already recovered, "http://www.goneo.de/" for the webhoster. Google.com stopped immediately redirecting german visitors to google.de. Anyone here to guess how much economic damage this will deal?

Submission + - Navy Gets 8-megajoule Rail Gun Working

prototypo writes: "The Fredericksburg, Virginia-based Free Lance-Star newspaper is reporting that the Navy Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Virginia has successfully demonstrated an 8-megajoule electromagnetic rail gun. A 32-megajoule version is due to be tested in June. A 64-megajoule version is anticipated to extend the range of naval gunfire (currently about 15 nautical miles for a 5-inch naval gun) to more than 200 nautical miles by 2020. The projectiles are small, but go so fast that have enough kinetic punch to replace a Tomahawk missile at a fraction of the cost. In the final version, they will apex at 95 miles altitude, well into space. These systems were intially part of Reagan's SDI program ("Star Wars"). An interesting tidbit in the article is that the rail gun is only expected to fire ten times or less per day, presumably because of the amount of electricity needed. I guess we now need a warp core to power them :)"

Submission + - Is Your Car Smarter Than You Are?

mattnyc99 writes: With computerized safety systems, your car is doing more of the driving for you. Popular Mechanics examines if that's necessarily a good thing, then crunches the numbers in an extreme man vs. machine test drive. Also features an illustration of a hypothetical hands-free vehicle that drives itself, featuring a composite of currently available sensors, radars and electronic stability control units.

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