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Comment Re:Not sure you have a lot of options? (Score 1) 215

I did recently install a Win7 machine from scratch. After the install I installed the August rollup, and then ran windows update. That thing must have run for a full day before it concluded that there were only 24 updates that were required (half of which were .NYET).

Microsoft announced that they are going to do similar rollups for .NYET.

Comment Re: And unwanted updates... (Score 1) 275

That's pretty much it. The thing sits at 100% CPU the whole time trying to calculate what the heck it needs to do. If the machine runs out of disk space or gets shutdown or rebooted along the way you run the risk that the internal database that it uses has become corrupt and then updates stop working altogether. The status quo is horribly broken. Will this fix it? No idea.

The article mentioned that there will be security-only rollups for enterprise customers. And separate rollups for .NYET, which suits me fine since those things are the most horrible of all in that all .NYET updates are guaranteed to be extremely slow to install.

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