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Comment Re:Numbers (Score 1) 575

This one is different in the following sense. Normally if you get a boarding pass with a seat assignment, you generally are good to go. If you don't get the seat assignment, there is a possibility that you might not make it. And I have never heard of anyone being removed from a plane once already seated.

The flight in question had been oversold, but they resolved that at the gate through the normal means (offering cash vouchers). But after the passengers had boarded a different flight crew showed up that needed to deadhead back to Louisville, and all of a sudden they had a problem. If those four people really needed to fly, they should have offered enough cash to free up those 4 seats. Just picking people at random and throwing them off the plane is just wrong.

Comment Email still required... (Score 4, Insightful) 140

In order to sign up for any of those other messaging services, you need to have an email. If you get locked out of your account, password reset links will be sent to you via email.

I frankly have no use for most of these other forms of communication - for the most part they are just new and different ways of goofing off.

Comment Re:It will not happen (Score 1) 110

Unwinding it all to figure out who contributed to what source files is the hardest part. I suppose at

In reality my guess that of the 400 contributors, a much smaller number contributed to the bulk of the code. Some of the contributors might have only made one or two small contributions that would be easy to work around if they didn't give consent or they could not be located.

Comment Re:Ridiculous Extrapolation (Score 4, Informative) 374

Federal loans are a small part of it. Many educational loans are private loans. And guess what - you can't discharge them in bankruptcy, so the lenders have very little incentive to not throw money at you.

Some of it was caused by Mom&Dad being able to take out cheap home equity loans on their homes. The crash in 2008 kind of brought some of that to an end.

A lot of schools have gotten into "amenity wars". To attract students, they build ever fancier dorms and facilities. And yes, it does attract, but at a cost. As long as there is no pushback from the potential students that the costs are too high, schools will continue to act like this.

And finally, not every student pays sticker price. Many pay far less than that - it depends on family income.

Comment I love a quiet office space. (Score 3, Insightful) 183

It is far too distracting when you have voices in the hall, phones ringing or anything else. Even having my own cell phone ring pisses me off sometimes, as it breaks my concentration. Of course it isn't every day that I need to concentrate like this, but I appreciate having that ability when the need arises.

Sometimes I work from home, but if my wife is around, her work has her on the phone all of the time, and I can't concentrate. She tells me that "I can't multitask", but to me multitasking is largely a myth unless the tasks are all fairly trivial and the mental context switching overhead is relatively small. A lot of "multitasking" that I see people doing amounts to "multi-goofing off".

Comment Re:No Thank You! (Score 1) 24

On my S5, Android Pay seems to have gotten broken by the Marshmallow update. Every time I try and use it, the damned thing hounds me for the administrative password. And this is despite the fact that I used my fingerprint to unlock the phone.

So the stupid thing is basically unusable now. Simply not worth the effort. Samsung Pay seems like a joke to me, so I just pay cash or use EMV.

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