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Comment Arrogant People (Score 1) 1251

I read slashdot a lot and usually never post because my mind jumps around a lot. I can't focus worth a damn. Anyways

The only thing that I see from the summary is that arrogant bastards, that "believe" the only possible explanation to life is a "magical" beginning and that life sprang forth from the dirt, should stop harassing others that disagree with them. I am referring to the upper echelon of academia. The oracles of mankind. They are so impressed with the ideas that they come up with that no one can prove them wrong. If they do get proven wrong....., oh, wait, they are never wrong (cough,cough).

I don't know for a FACT how life began. You don't know for a FACT how life began.

Let me repeat that.

I don't know for a FACT how life began. YOU don't know for a FACT how life began.

That is the only FACT about the debate. Don't sit there and act like people are not being harassed. Stop spouting your "theories" as "FACT".

ID is a thin mask for creationism. Agreed. Do you know how many theories of creationism are out there. ID just groups them up usually.

My belief is that God created the universe, I believe that he has the power to create it all in the matter of days. I don't know if he did it in days, just believe that he has that power. I believe that since then the universe has evolved or adapted to the changes per "design" It seems that there was a considerable amount of intelligence involved. Can I call that "Intelligent Design"? Possibly.

My belief or your belief does not matter. How does it change anything or effect scientific progress? Lets figure out how to move forward and stop telling everyone they are wrong as if you know for a fact.

Comment Re:Can't believe they released this shit (Score 1, Troll) 401

This amount of complaining is insane. First, everyone knows that uber-geeks have to hate Microsoft. You guys hate them, everyone else gets it. Second, since you hate Microsoft, we understand that you would not be caught dead with anything from Microsoft. Third, why would any of the rest of us take your word on how good a Microsoft phone is? I know that you have to use Microsoft during your job and helping people but you do not have to use the phones. Now, I am not an uber-geek. I just love tech. If an Apple product were truly the best at everything I need then I would save up the money or take out a loan to purchase the device. Luckily, Apple products do not fit my needs. That being said, my Windows Mobile phone is a very good phone (HTC Touch Pro). It has WinMo 6.1 and runs every program that I need in my phone. I LOVE being able to use a stylus and I can use 90% of the phone with my finger. I will admit the phone locks up (every couple of months) but a simple reset and I am good to go (many phones should be reset regularly). Trashing a product because of your inability to configure and use it properly tells me nothing about the products worth. It just shows me your worth as a computer tech. I have never had a problem with performance or training users on Vista or 7. The problems are always the user themselves. Fixing the user always fixes the problem. I will admit that I like Microsoft products because of their ease of use and wide availability of software. But I hate the idea and design of the new Windows Phone 7. Not because some evil corporation makes it. I hate it because it will not do what I want it to. I have been using PocketPC devices since 2000 and have software that I still use from back then on my Touch Pro. WP7 kills all of my programs. I do not need facebook, twitter or any other social networking service built into my phone. I already have email, texting and the ability to actually call and talk to my friends. The excessive data usage is pretty easy to understand but I don’t need to be talking to the web that much. I am planning on upgrading to an android phone since Microsoft does not have a product that suits my needs. But just spouting crap and railing on Microsoft does not make any sense.

Comment Thanks. (Score 1) 9

I appreciate everyones ideas. I think the resume is pretty good. I have had friends and various faculty from my school check and have tweaked it accordingly. I am thinking that I am overqualified for half of the jobs and lack the work experience for the others. I am going to try the suggestions on getting feedback and check with my schools career services to see if they know of any charity work that I can do. One last question, is it acceptable to omit certifications from my resume and non technology work experience without looking like I am just a bum that doesn't want to work?

Submission + - Asking employers about not getting interviews. 9

toolow2 writes: I am wondering if the Slashdot community could suggest a way to go about finding the reason for no interviews. I received my Associates degree in Network Administration in March, 2009 with a 3.95 GPA and Valedictorian Award. I have my A+, Net+, Linux+, Security+, MCP: Windows XP and CCNA. I have been building computers since 1997 and consulting family and friends for even longer. I know my work experience is limited but that is what entry level positions are for. I have been steadily applying for jobs in Indianapolis, IN for six months now and have had one face to face interview and two phone interviews. The problem is not that the jobs don't exist. I know the economy is making it harder to find work, but I have been applying to jobs that I should be able to easily get. My main question is this, how do I approach an employer that hasn't responded to my application to determine what I need to do to fix this problem without jeopardizing any future options with these companies. I want to go back to school for my bachelors but have to be working first. Also, does anyone have an opinion on the value of certifications if I can't even get an interview?

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