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Comment Re:The "old boys' club" (Score 1) 335

I'm sure the big players are rubbing their hands with glee and quietly cheering for Tesla to be the bad guy here. As soon as those laws are overturned, I'm sure the 'car dealership franchise thing' will rapidly get blown up and be a thing of the past. It seems to be a supremely expensive and risky business model (huge tracts of land in prime areas, huge buildings, tons of staff, tons of risk by a franchiser loaning out the corporate brand) that should be disrupted. Tesla has it right but they will pave the way for all cars to be sold their way and lose the competitive edge of cutting out the middle man quickly.

Comment Re:Sounds lke the same thing as Google (Score 2) 198

Yep.. when you get a new 'droid, iPhone or iPad, all of your apps automatically reinstall...wonder how that happens. Just because it's Microsoft this is an issue. Actually SmartScreen on Windows 8 is a good way to see what my kid is doing on the Internet without some 3rd party crapware that is definitely using your shit in ways you don't know about. And as other posters have said you can just turn it off.


MIT Develops Holographic, Glasses-Free 3D TV 98

MrSeb writes "Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are busy working on a type of 3D display capable of presenting a 3D image without eye gear. What you've been presented with at your local cinema (with 3D glasses) or on your Nintendo 3DS console (with your naked eye) pales in comparison to what these guys and gals are trying to develop: a truly immersive 3D experience, not unlike a hologram, that changes perspective as you move around. The project is called High Rank 3D (HR3D). To begin with, HR3D involved a sandwich of two LCD displays, and advanced algorithms for generating top and bottom images that change with varying perspectives. With literally hundreds of perspectives needed to accommodate a moving viewer, maintaining a realistic 3D illusion would require a display with a 1,000Hz refresh rate. To get around this issue, the MIT team introduced a third LCD screen to the mix. This third layer brings the refresh rate requirement down to a much more manageable 360Hz — almost within range of commercially produced LCD panels."

Comment Re:Incidentally (Score 1) 440

The untold story here is that a lot of corporate strategies are moving to BYOD (bring your own device) and they just provide the security through Good or ActiveSync, particularly as orgs move to cloud based email solutions - and corporate cell phone plans are robbery.

Just like companies stopped paying for DSL and ISDN lines, cell phones are quickly becoming the next on the chopping block. BB is feeling this because they ignored the consumer market. The open alternatives for mobile email hosting are too cheap to ignore and 'good enough', particularly because corps are paying for Exchange CALs AND BB licenses AND for the phone AND for the plan. Doesn't make financial sense for companies to carry all that cost when you are available 99% of the time anyway when it matters on a laptop.

Comment Re:Some ideas (Score 1) 570

1. MSFT - 20% YTD rise in stock. $23B in profit last year.

2. Companies also have mechanisms to create shell corps all over the world to get preferable tax treatment for acquisitions and investments. This is a huge business all on its own. There is no excuse for Apple having all that money.

They just have no business plan beyond making a few great products and hit the lottery with their phone. Anyone else would invest that cash into owning its destiny - but does Apple wants to buy Foxconn and be accountable for 800K Chinese citizens welfare? Nope. Do they want to pull their cloud services offerings in house instead of outsourcing to Amazon and MSFT? ( Nope. Outside of core business. They are truly counting on hitting the lottery every year - and to do that, you have to keep a lot of cash on hand to pay the bills incase you don't hit.

Comment Re:Too late... (Score 1) 402

Please name another company that is putting a single dime into serious enterprise productivity tools and please post your research and how it is relevant to the year 2012. I am always wondering who is always so much better relative to MSFT in this space.

Comment Re:Apple gets singled out (Score 1) 193

It was a non story. They were probably being moved to the Apple line and were pissed :-)

The software giant said in a statement that the protest erupted over "staffing assignments and transfer policies, not working conditions" at the facility, where Foxconn reportedly manufactures the Xbox game console. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft said workers at the plant manufactured hardware products but didn't specify which ones.

In a separate statement, Foxconn said about 150 workers staged a protest after the company announced all workers in their business unit were being transferred to another unit within the Wuhan manufacturing campus. Foxconn described the change as "a shift in production lines."

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