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Submission + - Four datasets show last 12 months globally cooler

toodle-lou writes: Surprisingly, the earth has cooled in the last year. There are four different datasets used to measure the global temperature. Two are done using satellites by University of Alabama, Huntsville (UAH) and a private company called Remote Sensing Systems (RSS). Both use microwave sounder data from weather satellites. The other two are land-ocean indexes that use surface and ocean temperature direct measurements done by NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) and the UK's Hadley Climate Research Unit (HadCRUT)

All four global temperature datasets show an agreement that the average global temperature has dropped significantly in the past 12 months. The trend was quite steep and the global average of all the datasets was down — 0.6405 degrees Celsius. While one year of cooler global temperature by itself might not be an indicator for a long term change, it does coincide with one of the most quiet solar activity periods in many years, with solar cycle 24 getting off to a late start there is now concern that the sun may be entering an inactive and cooler period.

Submission + - Linux at the truckstop for realtime weather maps

toodle-lou writes: "There's an interesting article on about a Slackware powered digital sign that is used to provide real-time weather forecasts, satellite maps, and doppler radar to places like truckstops, marinas, golf courses, rest stops, airline terminals and other public places where weather is of concern and people need to make go/no-go decisions based on weather ahead. Called ViziFrame, its a small Linux based appliance that can hook up to any TV or LCD/plasma video display and run a localized weather channel along with advertising. The appliance automatically updates from any Ethernet or WiFi connection available."

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