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Comment Re:IOW, we're making it harder get a response... (Score 1) 337

Just get it on your State ballots and problem solved. When enough states legalize it, those representatives and senators will force the feds to legalize it, or withhold all enforcement funds until DEA removes it from the banned list.

This. People need to stop worry so much about getting the Federal gubmint to help them and start focusing on their State and local governments. Real change happens from the bottom up.

Comment Re:Somebody's got to say it (Score 2) 2987

I, for one, would give up the right to bear arms for everyone, and not miss it.

This way of thinking is the greatest threat to the people of our country that we could possibly face. The Christian conservatives would just as easily say...

"I, for one, would give up the right to gay marriage, and not miss it."

"I, for one, would give up the right to get an abortion, and not miss it."

No one should ever give up a right to the government just because they are not using it right now. You never know when you may want to use it in the future.

Comment Re:Like Obama? (Score 1) 430

All of the government services you cite (such as roads, water treatment, military) were in place before the 16th amendment (which established the Federal government's right to collect income taxes) was ratified in 1913. Farms and fertiziler have absolutely nothing to do with the government. As for the electrical grid, much of it was already in place and paid for by private investors before the passage of the Public Utility Holding Company Act in 1934 which facilitated regulation of electric utilities by the government.

Comment Google has no competition (Score 2, Interesting) 113

I run a small-medium sized web site that targets K-12 teachers. We started out small with very targeted ads, advertising on Google with a budget of $10/day and started making decent sales. We were doing so well that we decided to try Yahoo. We used the exact same ads and the exact same keywords as the ones for Google that were doing well. We put $100 in our Yahoo ads account to start with, and burned through the whole amount in 4 days without a single sale. Needless to say, we turned it off immediately and have never tried it again. Now we are making many more sales from our Google ads. I don't see how Yahoo's search marketing can be so inefficient and terrible. BTW, we also tried MSN/Live search and it's been active for about a year with a $20/day budget. The amount of money we give Microsoft every month is about $5. In other words, Microsoft search has absolutely no volume at all.

Comment Re:Your customers won't care (Score 1) 800

True... but Google's ranking system likes it when the domain name is the same as what you are searching for. Also, having your company name .com makes it a lot easier for your customers to remember the site and easily get back to it. is a lot easier to remember and looks a lot more professional than

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