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Comment Re: Thanks Obama (Score 1) 217

Trump DOES get credit for this, Intel lobbied hard to get Dodd-Frank repealed and Trump is going to do so. Intel gives credit to Trump for jobs while Intel gets to buy conflict minerals again.

+1 for big business. -1 for the good of humanity. Fits Trump's intentions perfectly.

Comment Re:Sweet! (Score 1) 131

I think you could, since harvesting/robbing is not invasive now, and a harvest yields kilograms of honey, you could probably go outside in your fluffy robe and turn the handle and dribble some honey on your toast, close the tube and wander back inside.

Comment Re:Countdown timers are only for pedestrians? (Score 1) 579

This is because your country probably doesn't have *red light cameras*. The issue here isn't the countdown timer, it is the fact that no one wants to get a red light infraction fine.

Thus the people braking are afraid of 'running the red' whilst the normal flow of traffic is disrupted. It is this attempt to change behaviour that is causing all the accidents. Longer yellow lights cure the anxiety of braking early to avoid the fine, yet municipalities have been evidenced to shorten the duration of yellow lights. Why? Because it generates more revenue for them and the camera operator company.

Just follow the money and see where it goes. People are injured 'in the name of safety' when this is another side effect of the corrupt nanny state.

Comment Re:The government only does stupid things (Score 2) 354

Isn't that the whole point of having a democracy that is free and transparent? Doing illegal acts on a large scale and lying about it *needs* to be reported, especially when the bad actor is your own government. And if the government will not do anything about it internally, then it needs to be taken to the public.

Otherwise governments have no disincentive to act against the individuals that the government is supposed to 'protecting'.

Snowden did not reveal any operatives' names nor did he leak the data to the public wholesale, the data has gone to accredited journalists and the evidence has shown that the NSA has likely violated the law many times and tried to do end runs even against the limited court monitors that it did have.

Don't cut off the hand that pointed out the gangrenous foot. The NSA has a big ethics problem, and it needs to be reformed. Hope and change and all that.

Comment Re:If you *read* TFA... (Score 1) 1111

Wrong! Possessing cash means that you are a reckless criminal who is involved in the drug trade! Possessing hot fudge and ice cream means you are a pedophile who is going to appear on Chris Hansen's "To Catch a Predator".

They should have given this compartment building lowlife life without parole, because he is obviously a criminal drug lord pretending to be a nobody. Everyone pretending to be a nobody when charged with a drug offense is obviously a drug lord. His biggest problem though, was not hiring a good lawyer. One who would bring up the Chewbacca defense.

Comment Re: Oh, the surprise. (Score 3, Funny) 800

Sorry to add something non-serious into the discussion but the original article's link is:

I just don't know what to say when an article has Obama's rules for ass...

Reminds me of this image:

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