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Comment Modern money theory (Score 1) 388

Bill gates doesn't have a clue. Not a clue.

If you tax robots, then there is LESS incentive to getting robots, and more work for humans to do.

Once you realise that tax does *not fund* expenditure, but is only there to prevent inflation and add value to money, you realise the absolute stupidity of what he suggests.

Comment A laptop. (Score 1) 204

I would have originally said a mac laptop..... but, apple have destroyed what was insanely great.... ,and left the world with massively overpriced computer like objects that you cant even plug in a usb memory stick. You could go windows but that would be selling your kids heart to the devil, along with his browsing habits, shopping preferences and anything else microsoft want to monitor. You could go with a linux laptop like...erm....... errr.... Cant find one for sale. Scrub that. You could go with a chrome book. BUT.....GOOGLE.....WHY?....the market is shite (see above), you could clear up. WHY DONT YOU WANT TO? Actually, all things considered I would buy a second hand Macbook white core 2 duo from 2010. they're available for £150, shove in 8gb of ram, and it will easily run the latest OS. If I was a kid, I would love to find this in my xmas stocking more than anything else;

Comment Dynamo Bikes... (Score 5, Interesting) 77

We do this in the UK also.... ...except the power is already in the KFC chicken itself, rather than a lipol batter pack. This project puts free to use dynamo bikes for the public to use. Plug your phone in, then burn a few calories charging it..... ideal if you've pigged out and want to burn at least some of it off!

Comment Solar? (Score 1) 351

At about $1 watt (about current prices), 35 billion could buy 35GW of power. The UK is currently using 31GW of power! Ok, lets say that this price is this is HUGE amount of solar panels.... So, lets say we can get it down to $15 billion, spending the other $20 billion on power storage for when its not sunny. And we need to space to put it, but how many houses in the UK still havent got solar on their roofs? isn't this a better idea?

Comment Re:Unintended consequences (Score 1) 866

No. $15 now is all about demanding everyone get the same [minimum] wage, but demand they work. Its communism. It hurts business, and it hurts capitalism in general as it shuts out market forces. Giving *everyone* a set amount of money. Rich and poor, just enough so the idea of absolute destitution is no longer relevant. At this point, employees can negociate their own wage, so we can drop minimum wage. Some businesses can get away with paying less, if the job doesn't deserve paying any more..(for example, does a deck chair attendent, really deserve $15 / hour???). Result is businesses start paying the rate demanded by the market. not by the government. To give a good metaphor, consider an electronic amplification circuit, with a transistor, capacitor. and a *resistor* to provide base bias. Because a transistor only works when current flows one way, if you feed a transistor an AC signal, it will only work 1/2 the time.... So, you add a resistor which provides a bias voltage, so the AC signal is raised so it never drops below zero. This makes it work all the time. Basic income acts the same as this 'Bias' resistor... it provides just enough so that a persons income/outgoings (excluding savings) never drops below zero.

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