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Comment Re:Something we don't really need (Score 1) 30

Not necessarily. Laptops have DVD 'slots' which are pretty compact which you can swap for something else (hard drive for instance). Phones could have a smilar system. With the right connect, a CPU module (likely has more than just a CPU onboard) could be swapped. We already have swappable SD cards & batteries. Extending this wouldn't suffer that much. Better is you can customize the HW to be what you actually need like replacing the camera with some other component.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 2) 511

I say this to anyone with comments like yours or the other poster. Put your money where your mouth is. Go teach for 5 years and come back and tell me that 'many' or 'most' teachers fall into the category you say. Until then, you're like the plumber who says all programmers are overpaid because every piece of software has bugs, and if they really did their job correctly, there wouldn't be problems without having a clue as to all the factors that affect the real situation. FYI, some teachers don't get even get to choose their 'methods' but as other poster have said, are forced into a curriculum that they must follow to the letter or be fired. Then later blamed when it doesn't provide the results the salesman promoted. Lastly, you say that teachers are overpaid, and then bitch about how they're clowns, tyrants, and have no knowledge. If you want better talent, how do expect to attract them? It doesn't work that way in any other business or field, why is education so special.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 2) 511

My wife is an elementary teacher, and just about everything you said is completely and totally wrong, and the actual reason while the school system is all screwed up.

Even if it is a bad curriculum, a professional teacher should be able to meet *some* standard.

Wrong: unless you are making up "some standard" to mean anything which would be contrary to what the word "standard" means.

they get new students every year, if the classroom was interesting last year, it will be interesting this year.

Wrong: if this were the case, then the same system that was used to teach 50 years ago would hold the same interest today. Each class, and each student are a little different and depend on their culture, what other schools they attended, what has changed in society. All these thing affect what will interest the students. In fact my wife is working on her masters to address this exact issue most schools have.

teachers are valuing their own entertainment and egos over actually doing the hard work of teaching.

Wrong: Every teacher I know (since my wife is a teacher, I know a few) values the students interest and ability to get as much out of their class more than anything. From entertainment, to stress levels (due to competing expectations from parents, students, administrative staff), to low pay. The fact that they continue to teach despite all the things you say they bitch about, means they care more about the students than anything else.

grading papers all night that you didn't need to assign in the first place

sounds like you bitter about having to do homework yourself. You know practice is how your brain actually learns and 'papers' are how you do that for most topics.

The best teachers I ever had all had one thing in common: they were lazy.

Best because the class was easy for you, or best because you got the most out of class. My experience was completely opposite from your statement. My best teachers (especially in college) were the ones that gave us the most difficult problem we could solve. My lab groups and I spent many, many hours outside the classroom, and the prof spent a lot of extra hours providing feedback and being available. But I learned so much from that class that I still use today.

5 minutes before the students, left 5 minutes after, and gave their all when it counted: in the classroom, teaching

To think that being their for just the class time is all that is needed goes against what pretty much every person who has studied teaching methods professionally.

If a kid can pass the test, the kid has learned.

Complete Epic fail on this one. passing a test means one thing, the student passed the test. It can (not always) mean they know nothing about the concepts at all except what is on the test. Hell, you can give them the answers, and voila, they can pass the test and know nothing (which has been in recent news for even standard testing). So, you really don't know anything you're talking about, and sound just like some bitter person who was made to go through some things that you think were irrelevant, and haven't actually understood what you did get out of those exercises. Or maybe you're special some how and know everything already, in that case, how about teaching yourself since you're obviously the only one who 'gets it'. To the point of laptops. The reason they don't affect test scores is because there is nothing in these test that requires knowledge about computers. A laptop per student won't necessarily bring new methods that help the student learn, but it does mean that those methods can start to be introduced to see if they can have an affect on test scores. The laptops are just the medium. The content is what needs to be studied.

Comment Re:Should Have Grown Organically (Score 1) 210

This is starting to sound much like any entrepreneurial idea.

In the business/tech world you can either grow organically, or accept venture capital to grow bigger, faster to try and take advantage of market opportunities.
To do so means you give up some rights, have to have some IP protection or something to help guarantee that the VC investment has a chance to pay off.
Most reasonable people don't expect everything to be free, but I think most are tired of the VC/Labels emptying your pocket for products that suddenly don't seem worth it which is why opensource is starting to take off, but also why some started pirating media. If the media cost and convenient access were inline with more inline with a majority of the population's thoughts, I think most would choose to buy the media rather then download illegally.

Instead of looking at 'pirates' as people stealing their product, they really should consider that a sale lost due to price/convenience offering. This is better then the business/tech world which can only guess at what their sales might be if they changed their price/convenience offers.
True some will never pay, but then there is nothing you'll ever get from them.

Comment Re:I foresee... (Score 1) 285

Sure looks like at least some of the patents they're filing seem to be new and or useful.
Just because you don't see a fancy new product from Kodak showcasing some new patent technology doesn't mean they don't make anything.
Some companies do spend money on R&D to license that tech to companies who don't want to spend the R&D money.

Comment Re: "credible" threat? (Score 1) 515

Actually sometimes it just takes someone to be first to quit, just like it takes someone to be first to jump in.
The business is not worth the requirements, other industries may take a second look.

For instance
Toy manufacturers burned by recalls of leaded toys.
pet food makers burned by customer's pets dying from poisoned pet food.
Software, music, and movie producers having product pirated (on the mass production scale).
Electronics makers having products copied and sold or even counterfeited.

It doesn't mean companies will stop getting stuff made cheaply. Just not cheaply in China There are a number of other places cheaper then the US or Eastern Europe to outsource to without the number of problems that come up with China.
The fact that Google has the balls to stand up, lay out some demands (not going to censor), and be the first to potentially pull out sure does seem like challenging a superpower

Comment Re:Avoid Corn? Bahahahahahaha good luck (Score 1) 766

my meat does not have it

Are you sure? What did you 'meat' eat?

After watching Food, Inc. I've started looking for grass fed beef, and free range chicken meat.
Its a little tougher to find (not at the supermarket) and a can be quite bit more expensive.

Also this same issue can come up in products other then corn. Round up ready is also in Soy. I couldn't find much on other Round up Ready products, but a short google search showed Round up ready lettuce is on the way.

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