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Comment Re:huh? (Score 1, Offtopic) 196

Ahh, no. NZ is not part of continental Oz. Australasia is commonly used to group Oz and NZ (and sometimes other countries). Apart from mutually taking the piss out of each other there is little logical reason to group the two separated land masses.

Comment Re:Here is to.... (Score 3, Informative) 223

I have been tracking worldwide server revenues for a few years.  Over the past 2-3 years the market share between Mainframe, UNIX, Linux and Windows has been very flat: Windows 40%, Unix 35% Linux 14%, mainframe (ZOS) 11% (IDC Worldwide Server Revenue marketshare).

Quarter    Windows    Linux    UNIX    ZOS
02/06    34.20%    12.60%    35.00%
03/06    34.40%    12.40%    34.20%    11.30%
04/06    34.90%    11.40%    33.50%    11.40%
01/07    38.80%    17.00%    35.00%
02/07    38.20%    13.60%    31.70%    9.50%
03/07    40.40%    13.40%    31.10%
04/07    36.60%    12.70%    33.20%
01/08    39.20%    13.70%    30.60%    8.40%
02/08    36.50%    13.40%    32.70%    11.80%
03/08    40.80%    14.00%    29.70%    9.40%
04/08    35.30%    13.60%    36.20%
01/09    37.30%    13.80%    33.10%    9.00%

ZOS is not always reported in press releases and I don't purchase the IDC report.

Looks like neither Mainframe or UNIX is dying, or that Linux is dominating.

Comment First Opensource?? (Score 1) 223

I'd take a 370 assembler job, if they existed! I enjoyed that more than any other language I've worked with. Heck, even with the old OS that ususally accompanies such work - threads? preemptive multitasking? Who needs em!

From memory, IBM's 370 macros came with source and cool code was shared freely between mainframe shops.

Comment Re:New Focus (Score 1) 125

Microsoft focusing on developing a browser-based OS is directly opposed to their current business model, which involves forcing users to purchase an operating system.

But not opposed to their business model of disrupting competition by any means possible. Significant competitor comes up with browser/OS combination, so lets tell the market that we are doing just that. Should keep the builders of those pesky netbook thingies from drifting away again.

Comment Re:Electricity Hydrogen (Score 1) 453

In my opinion cars driven by electric motors are where we should be placing our bets.

Electric motors can go very quickly (at least the speed limit), have great acceleration, don't require a grid of hydrogen fuel stations to be built, don't require the massive amounts of energy used for electrolysis (the process of making useable hydrogen), have 0 risk of exploding (although admittedly hydrogen vehicles are pretty safe, but its more of a mental thing), and are ridiculously efficient. You know that about 3% of the energy used in internal combustion engines actually ends up moving the driver?

I think you mean 30%, if you are referring to petrol (gas in USA) and 45+% for diesel.

Comment Re:New Zealand (Score 1) 1359

New Zealand suffers from small town mentality.

Its very rural, even the cities are really just very large 'small country towns'.

The shops are pretty limited in what they stock, theres very little variety in the stores.

The people are slack, lazy and highly disorganised.

NZ businesses are, by and large, extremely poorly run and the management style leaves a LOT to be desired.

Theres a saying here "She'll be right mate"

It means "Don't worry about something that appears to be almost a disaster, it'll be ok"

Usually when you hear a kiwi say this phrase DUCK because something is about to explode.

I'm even considering going to the UK.

Dead right. Now you just toddle off to the UK just as fast you little legs can carry you and we will both be happy. And BTW, all that my little friend said is dead right.

We don't want any more people here, we have far too many as it is.

Comment Re:What languages? (Score 1) 1359

I'm also a New Zealander.

It is not commonly known within this country but an agency of the NZ Government monitors all internet traffic and telephone calls. While we are signatories to UN Human Rights treaties we don't have a constitution so there is actually no constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech, freedom from unreasonable seizure etc.

Think Echelon, a joint US, UK, Canada, Australian and NZ foreign security operation. NZ staff are only allowed to monitor the traffic or foreign nationals though. Can you identify ANY country that does not monitor comms traffic in some way?

And about the consitution in NZ, true we don't have one. But NZ laws about freedom of speech, search and seizure etc. are as "free" as most anywhere else. Looking at what goes in countries with a constitution, we don't seem to suffer too badly here in Godzone.

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