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Comment Practicing Medicine (Score 1) 368

Many others have already stated situations where research prevailed and the doctor's prognosis was inaccurate or just plain lazy. My wife is also on the same boat having been diagnosed intestinal issues when it was a cyst on her ovary. Two years and four doctors later, she's finally being treated properly.

What we have learned from our experiences is that there is a reason why doctors PRACTICE medicine. Sadly, it seems that some need more practice than others.

Dying Man Shares Unseen Challenger Video 266

longacre writes "An amateur video of the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger explosion has been made public for the first time. The Florida man who filmed it from his front yard on his new Betamax camcorder turned the tape over to an educational organization a week before he died this past December. The Space Exploration Archive has since published the video into the public domain in time for the 24th anniversary of the catastrophe. Despite being shot from about 70 miles from Cape Canaveral, the shuttle and the explosion can be seen quite clearly. It is unclear why he never shared the footage with NASA or the media. NASA officials say they were not aware of the video, but are interested in examining it now that it has been made available."

Comment No to local PC, Yes to production servers (Score 1) 605

At my last position I was at a local market level. The local market had its own IT team with security policies given to them by a division team. Division got its policies from corporate. Sometimes things were altered to suit the divison or local market, too. When working there, I had full admin rights to production servers, but not to the PC from which I worked. This was stressful as I was forced to develop in the production environment. It was also ironic that I had admin rights to these servers but not my PC. It was because IT did not have the training or time to admin the servers (SQL and SharePoint). I did my best to have the local IT team install software after software to enable development from my PC as best as possible. After about 9 months on the job, I obtained a development server that I could work from via remote desktop. By then, I had already developed processes to develop from the production server. Also, the development box was SLOW and annoying to use (an old Pentium III box...). This all seems a bit backwards and it took some adjustment, but it worked. I became a hero for being able to manage these servers as well as develop new tools for the local market. I got along very well with the IT department and they were very competent and helpful which made working with them easier. I would have appreciated local admin rights, but the local IT manager was not able to bend the rules for anyone without getting in trouble if audited by division. I am working at the same company at the corporate level after moving up from the local market level. At corporate I have full admin rights to both a desktop and laptop for development. I do not have admin (root) access to development and production servers though. We have a sysadmin team dedicated to protecting our servers from ourselves. Change request procedures ensure the environments are modified properly. For PC support, We have a local IT team that reports to the division office as I sit a thousand of miles from actual HQ. There have been times where admin rights (root) to servers would be nice, but we have 10+ developers relying on that server to be available for work/testing/etc. So, I can understand why the servers must be managed by an SA team. Change requests are simple and usually accomplished in a fair amount of time. For times I absolutely need root access to try out new things, I just build Virtual Machines on my desktop and try before I place a CR for the dev servers. Production CR's are much more strict and those servers never have compiling tools to restrict local users from building binaries that could break things.

Comment Re:'boring'??? (Score 1) 752

And good riddance! We don't need 'shiny object' people in this business.

Agreed 100%! I cannot stand having people in the business just because they heard they could make bank. As for the IT world, I enjoy my job. There are always rough patches, but at the end of the day, I find myself more than satisfied with my accomplishments.

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