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Comment boot time comparison? (Score 1) 354

I am wondering if they are comparing apples to apples on that one. If they took their fresh, clean, off the shell acer laptop and compared it to a fresh, clean, off the shell toshiba laptop, its not a fair comparison.

the toshiba will be filled with crapware that bogs down startup. if its a fresh windows install, this wouldnt be the case.

Five Things You Can't Discuss about Linux 662

gondwannabe writes "Here are Five Things You Aren't Allowed to Discuss About Linux. With considerable chutzpa, an insightful Rob Enderle takes on what he considers five dogmas in the OSS community and explains why they're wrong. Examples: Linux is secure, "communes" actually work in the long haul, and that Linux is "pro-developer."

Submission + - Microsoft move could be the end of the JPEG

wilsonthecat writes: Computer world reports that Microsoft will soon submit to an international standards organization a new photo format, HD Photo, that offers higher-quality images with better compression. HD Photo's lightweight algorithm causes less damage to photos during compression, with higher-quality images that are half the size of a JPEG.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Linux Kernel

Tokimasa writes: "Are there any good tutorials on how to use the Linux kernel to build an OS? I would really like to learn more about operating system design and implementation, and that seems like a fairly straightforward way to go about it."
United States

Submission + - Tour of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Thomas Hawk writes: "Last month Robert Scoble and I were able to do a video/photo shoot of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) with SLAC Emeritus Bebo White . SLAC is both the longest and straightest building in the world and is the home of three Nobel Prizes in physics. My writeup with photos on our tour is here: -building-in-world.html. You can see the video tour part one here: tour-of-stanford-linear-accelerators-visitor-cente r and part two here: photowalking-6-2-slac-tour-longest-building"
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Sony to cut PS3 cost with cheaper chips

oglsmm writes: Sony Corp. plans to lower the production cost of its PlayStation 3 (PS3) game consoles by using less expensive chips, aiming to turn these operations profitable between September and March of next year, the Nikkei business daily reported on Friday. Starting with the European version of the PS3 that is set to debut on March 23, the paper said Sony plans to use a chip that can handle only the graphics of predecessor PlayStation 2 instead of the current chips that can handle both the computing and graphics functions for the PS2. Sony's game unit, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), will distribute compatibility software on the Internet so that users can play PS2 games on the PS3, it said. Officials at SCE were not immediately available for comment.

Submission + - Memo confirms Dept of Transportation Vista ban

Rob writes: A leaked memo has confirmed that the US Department of Transportation has placed a ban on the deployment of Microsoft Corp's Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Internet Explorer 7 on the grounds there are good reasons to avoid an upgrade. In fact, as the memo explains, "there appears to be specific reasons not to upgrade". Those include upgrade costs, compatibility concerns, limited funding, and a forthcoming move to a new headquarters.

Submission + - Screencast tutorial about virtual hard disks

HRHsoleil writes: Anil Desai recorded a pretty good screencast on creating and managing virtual hard disks over at TechTarget. He takes you through the basics step-by-step while you watch his screen. The intro is a little long, but once he gets going, it's pretty useful information. Like he says, it doesn't matter whether you're working with MS virtual server or VMware, the basics are the same. Sorry if this is the wrong topic — you should add one on virtualization!
The Internet

Submission + - IRSeek: Find answers to all your technical questio

aberkman writes: "Stumped by a technical impasse? A convoluted conundrum? Chances are, for every technical question you've got, someone on IRC before you had already answered it; it's just a matter of when was it asked and what channel/network was it asked on. Ever wanted to look back and search the vast amounts of knowledge shared on IRC?? look no further. Most channels on IRC (think #Ubuntu, #Windows, #Drupal, #Linux, #Politics, etc.) are natural knowledge-bases that are mostly unavailable and inaccessible for the common user. IRSeek makes sure that no valuable data will ever be lost on IRC, while maintaining the privacy of the users. Furthermore, IRSeek makes sure the data is quickly and easily accessible and helps you efficiently navigate those tremendous amounts of data using advanced Web 2.0 technologies. IRSeek is aiming to do to IRC what DejaNews(Google Groups) did to newsgroups."

Submission + - Homeland Security revives supersnoop

An anonymous reader writes: Homeland Security continues to build domestic surveillance tools using data mining techniques from the Pentagon's Total Information Awareness program, a program that Congress banned in 2003. Does anyone really believe that this data is accurate enough to be used in making life effecting decisions? Data maintenance is expensive and once collected the data starts to rot immediately. In addition, the quality of information gathered from multiple data holders is impossible to verify and guarantee so this looks like another huge waste of public funds to me. What do you all think? 3-4382r.htm
Hardware Hacking

LinuxBIOS Gets GUI 171

LWATCDR writes "Has a great write up on combining LinuxBios a Linux kernel, busybox, X, a window manager, and rxvt into a two meg flash chip. So what does get you? A six second boot time for one. All sorts of uses come to mind. Terminals to use with the Linux Terminal server. A very fast booting embedded system like a Car computer. With every one pushing for multi-core cpus, mega gigabyte drives and many gigabytes of ram it is interesting to see how small you can go."

Submission + - iTunes Staffers Becomes Music's New Gatekeepers

WSJdpatton writes: "From their Silicon Valley cubicles, Apple staffers have become music's unlikely power brokers. A look at how Apple has jettisoned some of the conventions of traditional music retailing — notably, the practice of selling prime promotional spots to recording companies willing to pay for better visibility for their acts. Still, behind the scenes there's plenty of horse-trading going on that influences which songs are seen and purchased by iTunes customers."

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