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Comment This year... (Score 1) 70

The end of the UK internet, first legislation f^&*ing encryption and legalising mass surveilance and now the copyright mob are poking their fingers in. Time to pipe everything through another country. Also don't use any services with the end point in the UK which you expect to be encrypted.

Comment Hasn't this always been the case (Score 4, Interesting) 122

I've noticed it's been possible to retask ports for input output on most sound cards or both for a long time... The smaller the headphone the better it would work as a passive microphone, I thought this was always obvious. This is hardly something that no one ever though of before like air gap hacks.

Comment Re:So, how often does it explode? (Score 1) 230

Electronics noob here :P The failure modes of normal super-capacitors appears to be quite different to the smouldering ceramic or exploding electrolytic based capacitors. From wikipedia on normal super-caps:

...theoretically supercapacitors have no true polarity and catastrophic failure does not normally occur. However reverse-charging a supercapacitor lowers its capacity...

So assuming nothing vaporises when multiple tiny shorts occur from blunt force, puncture or over voltage etc... then i guess the question is what else happens after all those shorts? would it heat up a lot to the point of melting or causing an external fire? would it try to discharge suddenly and cause electrocution?

Comment No. of people with dementia dropped by 2.8% (Score 1, Insightful) 105

I always find it such an exaggerated way of presenting statistics to use a percentage of a percentage, the number gives no context (percentage of what), and the smaller the group of people the more the number is likely to fluctuate wildly.

Whats wrong with a absolute percentage? "No. of people with dementia dropped by 2.8% between 2000 and 2012"... is it just not sensationalist enough? Otherwise when dementia only affects a handful of people it will be improving worsening by 9927648% every year! what a useful way of measuring it.

Comment Re:Pretty sure this would against EU privacy law (Score 1) 243

I am 100% certain that they would only be able to collect only crash data from EU citizen, as anything else, including usage or even something as simple as the percentage of pink pixel would break privacy laws and the right of correction.

The sample data from the article: at a glance it looks mostly like detailed hardware info and then a list of all the games you own.

Comment Re:FPGA (Score 1) 121

I was speculative that FPGA implementation could not be done cheaply, as they come in a range or capabilities and costs... So I thought I'd have a look at what HDL source is available and what would be required to run them... without much googling you will find many people have already done this, this was the simplest i could find in terms of hardware (although not accurate or complete)

It is difficult to gauge from these projects what a production cost would be, as they are all using development boards obviously and not necessarily choosing the smallest chip for the job, even so if you take the board from that project and search for the FPGA chip unit price it's less than half that of their board, ~£28, it would be interesting to know from someone experienced in this level of hardware how low the cost could be driven down by selecting an appropriate size FPGA based on the HDL and low frequencies those chips ran on the NES.

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