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Comment Re:It's houses, dummy (Score 2) 490

RTFS. They're not just staying in one city, they're staying at one address. This means nobody is buying houses. It's another sign the Millennials are getting screwed.

It means, that they're still living at Mommy and Daddy's house, waiting for the world to give them the high paying dream job they "deserve" and would enjoy doing.....and it ain't happening.

Previous generations understood this, but apparently the snowflakes do not.

I'll stop you right there...

The previous generation don't understand how much of their success is built upon luck and the generation before them, they tend to be biased in attributing all of their good fortune to their own hard work - because that's human nature, when you're down it's bad luck (Gen-Y), when things are going your way it's all you (Gen-X). In truth it's a combination, but you can't have the hard work without first having a substantial amount of luck, even if that just means being born at the right time and in the right place, the concept of being completely self made is wrong... by all means try it, go out into the desert with nothing and see how far you get, YOU are dependant upon the system, the system was kind to you.

You are either part of that generation or a lucky outlier... either way shut the fuck up or we will rob you of all your luck including any hard work built upon it and then you will finally be more humble when looking upon those without a foundation to build their life.

Comment 256m3 (Score 2) 335

Scientists actually don't believe this particular instance to be caused by climate change. So, if people could read up a bit and post something thoughtful instead of having a knee jerk anti-Trump comment, that would be awesome.

Yes, the world is divided into 256m3 chunks and z-indexed into a quadtree... at the largest chunk size no interaction occurs with adjacent chunks, this is believed to be a bug introduced by an intersection test optimisation implemented by the creator. A nice side effect is that global warming doesn't affect other things around the world.

Comment Yearning for Photoshop v1.0 (Score 1) 210

Sometimes Etch-A-Sketch is better, Photoshop has a multi GiB installation size, a growing hodgepodge of not very unified tools because they grew there and can't change cos user-base, requires a subscription service and insists on "managing" your media library and by extension you life... You yearn for the power and simplicity of Photoshop v1.0, but it's no longer available, enough is enough - you say fuck Photoshop and you settle for an Etch-A-Sketch, spend more time actually drawing things rather than being distracted by shit.

Of course sometimes you're still forced to use Photoshop because the Etch-A-Sketch doesn't have a fricking magic wand, although the overhead of going back and forth between AFF (Aluminium Fillings Format) and PSD is such a pain that sometimes you just grind through it manually with those primitive x y dials. I've considered at least patching multiaxis input device support (AKA a mouse) to make this easier... too far? what are we talking about?

Comment Anti-Apple Extremist (Score 1) 175

For those that didn't read the article or summary, apparently the gunman hated the new MacBook Pro so much that he shot that instead of the man.

Airports... One of the few places on Earth where the Apples' are separated from the fan boys, BAM! the distorted anodised aluminium body of a Macbook Pro slams to the floor, a T420 preloaded with linux thrust into the shaking hands of the owner by the gunman, BAM! the spindly casing of a MacBook Air splits into layers and cartwheels down the x-ray conveyor belt like paper plates, a Dell XPS 13 is dropped into the now empty tray, BAM! BAM! BAM! a myriad of traumatised fan-boys litter airport security clutching their replacements in the fetal position, conflicted with the void of their precious and the strange non aluminium chassis of their new device.

This is what happens to your brain after being exposed to South Park for too long.

Comment This year... (Score 1) 71

The end of the UK internet, first legislation f^&*ing encryption and legalising mass surveilance and now the copyright mob are poking their fingers in. Time to pipe everything through another country. Also don't use any services with the end point in the UK which you expect to be encrypted.

Comment Hasn't this always been the case (Score 4, Interesting) 122

I've noticed it's been possible to retask ports for input output on most sound cards or both for a long time... The smaller the headphone the better it would work as a passive microphone, I thought this was always obvious. This is hardly something that no one ever though of before like air gap hacks.

Comment Re:So, how often does it explode? (Score 1) 230

Electronics noob here :P The failure modes of normal super-capacitors appears to be quite different to the smouldering ceramic or exploding electrolytic based capacitors. From wikipedia on normal super-caps:

...theoretically supercapacitors have no true polarity and catastrophic failure does not normally occur. However reverse-charging a supercapacitor lowers its capacity...

So assuming nothing vaporises when multiple tiny shorts occur from blunt force, puncture or over voltage etc... then i guess the question is what else happens after all those shorts? would it heat up a lot to the point of melting or causing an external fire? would it try to discharge suddenly and cause electrocution?

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