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Comment Re:"All services have been restored" (Score 1) 61

...And during all that time, the BT DNS service was not working, so I couldn't do any other work. #RANT# The BT-supplied router, the fornicating clunky useless and slow Home Hub 5, does not allow you to put in your own DNS servers...

1. Never rely on routers supplied by ISPs (especially BT), they reliably suck giant fucking donkey balls.

2. Your OS doesn't have to (and arguably shouldn't) use the DNS server address given by the DHCP (router).

Arguably you should specify the DNS on your OS for security purposes anyway (e.g a compromised router sending all your DNS requests to a malicious server and sending you off to some amazon.com impersonation... that's what you risk every time your computer connects to a public AP).

Another reason not to use ISP's DNS is they all poison it these days, I'm not on BT anymore but they used to redirect all missing DNS entries to their search page with loads of advertising... I can't begin to go into whats wrong with that because i'd take too long.

Comment Re:Don't you think she looks tired? (Score 1) 238


She was elected to Parliament by the voters of Maidenhead and subsequently elected as party leader by the Conservatives. Under the Westminster system, that's as elected as it gets.

Great, so she was elected by 0.106% of the population, I hope they were representative of the views of the other 99%

Comment Re:What is original content? (Score 1) 167

...To put it another way, suppose the most recognizable element of music is the melody (as court rulings generally use to determine copyright infringement), and suppose just an average first phrase of 15 notes. That's enough (12^15) for every human who has ever lived to compose thousands and thousands of unique melodies. If the main constraint is 12 notes, there are a LOT of possibilities for "originality."

cmon... don't be so naive. It's not measured by absolute uniqueness, otherwise you can change one note, one pixel, one frame, one character in a line of code... Because that would allow arbitrary and intentionally minimaly modified versions of other artists work to not be covered by copyright infringement laws. That's why in court these types of cases are always evaluated on some arbitrary "similarity" basis, it's pure opinion, creativity just isn't objective enough to fit neatly into the constraints of the simplified logic of law.

Comment This is BS (Score 5, Informative) 440

Go see the videos for yourself

...adding that one of his videos of a near-miss went viral.

Context mincing BS, the near miss was a truck haphazardly changing lanes without looking into the teslas lane... the tesla avoided the accident, but this is phrased to be intentionally interpreted as the exact opposite.

His other stupid video showing "reckless" driving is pretty stupid looking and cringeworthy but it's actually on a private road. I think the autopilot is actually pretty dangerous and incorrectly interpreted as "self driving" as others here have stated, but that's no reason for this crude BS article that reads like it's been paid for by the defence lawyers.

Comment Re:Definition? (Score 1) 116

...In any case, it's nice to see GitHub being transparent. The DMCA requests themselves are pretty interesting, but since the vast majority of the targeted repos are no longer accessible, it's hard to gauge how justifiable most of the complains really were.

My thoughts exactly... when looking though that list, almost all of them can be normalised to be meaningless:

  • - Unspecified infringing content at URL which is no longer accessible
  • - Signed REDACTED

The only ones that you can glean any information from are where the file URLs have been given instead of entire repo URLs.

Comment Film vs Someone reading shit for no fucking reason (Score 1) 296

Film or a TV Show has the potential to allow breathing space and pace for the watcher to absorb the information, use other dimensions of creative output and provide a space for the watcher to use their own imagination to unravel and impart their meaning on the story

The need to fast forward is stupid videos that could have been transcribed to text... either that or shit entertainment that isn't worth watching anyway.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 220

When scientists first started mucky around with electricity it had an affect that could be understood and felt. same goes for lasers, and everything else you use.

To detect TWO gravity waves we had to wait for TWO massive blackholes to combine. And space itself moved by a proton fraction.

Do you have any idea how tiny of fraction that is to be useful? Right about now earth is about the best space ship we can hope for. As it is the only way to get one gravity.

Your argument is selective at best, some of the most profound invention in history fell out of some obscure research that no one including the people researching them had ever imagined would be of practical use. Turing accidentally invented computer by investigating the nature of information, a fundamental property of the universe.

Put yourself in the position of those people, you are focusing on applications that you already know about - you can't think about the ones you don't know about unless you open your mind.

Comment Random mutation (Score 3, Interesting) 365

Microsoft's old business model doesn't work anymore... when that happens staying still === death, and trying new things costs money... however being Microsoft they have masses of capital to burn, so everything is worth the risk, so they do that (they try everything) this seems to have been their business strategy for the past decade... everything is worth the risk, they are basically too big to fail provided they keep trying things. It's almost like the random mutation component of evolution.

The massive downside to this unfocused approach is that they appear to be flippant, inconsistent and undedicated to anything new they do. So even setting aside the many other issues people have against Microsoft such as undertones of malice and exploitation towards users, world domination etc, it makes their products seem even more undesirable.

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