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Comment Re:Yes, "line rental" is for POTS (Score 1) 82

Also, doesn't POTS still work when the power goes out?

Yes they do, provided the exchange still has power... Thing is almost all modern phones you can buy require power for all the digital fluff it comes with. However if you can find a basic POTS phone ... or even better - just a speaker and a pen knife, you can strip the wires and dial by touching the wires together for pulses (this is effectively how the old rotary dial phones work)... disclaimer I last tried this when I was 10, I don't know if POTS still actually support decadic dialling.

Comment We need an AI for filtering Hype (Score 1) 231

This is ultra hype... AI today is both very powerful and very stupid, people who do not understand this create this extreme hype... it's not even correct to call it stupid because in the low level functionality of AI today "clever" doesn't exist (that's built into the upper layers that don't exist in artificial NN).

The latest AI is powerful because we can directly manipulate the design of a relatively tiny network that do relatively basic things, making them do what we want can be attributed to the cleverness of the computer scientists creating them to do specific tasks, not the resulting network it self... This is where the hype begins, there is a galactic sized space between this infinitesimal functionality and the network of networks of networks of networks of networks that make up something remotely conscious and "smart" in the inventive, creative and insightful sense that we think of humans being smart.

The best analogy I can give is to say that AI today are individual bytecode instructions, the building blocks... consciousness is the operating system that grew on top over a billion years of iterations.

Disclaimer i'm not a computer scientists studying AI, but I've read enough to separate the hype from the substance.

Comment the researcher has decided to stop reporting (Score 1) 92

the researcher has decided to stop reporting bugs to Microsoft after they've ignored many of his previous reports

Yeah, I can empathise... MS have some really shitty strategies for dealing with bug reports, although I don't post security bugs my experience is:

  1. 1. Copy paste replies
  2. 2. usually marked as "wont fix" cos "only affects some users", (even though it affects everyone)
  3. 3. Contrive ways to not reproduce it and close it because "does not work on some specific build on a specific combination of hardware and OS"

I know that closed source has less resources but a) don't be fucking closed source then and b) don't use underhanded techniques to reduce your bug count because it will just piss everyone off.

Comment Re:no replacement for displacement (Score 1) 157

No that's what they used to use... these days they have gotten very good at cloning western technology and manufacturing them better, they just haven't gotten down the original design part yet - not that it's an obstacle in a country where all foreign copyright has no rights :P ... In all seriousness though and as much as I dislike Baidu that's actually not very kind because there are some really smart people working there on original AI research.

Comment Re:It's houses, dummy (Score 2) 491

RTFS. They're not just staying in one city, they're staying at one address. This means nobody is buying houses. It's another sign the Millennials are getting screwed.

It means, that they're still living at Mommy and Daddy's house, waiting for the world to give them the high paying dream job they "deserve" and would enjoy doing.....and it ain't happening.

Previous generations understood this, but apparently the snowflakes do not.

I'll stop you right there...

The previous generation don't understand how much of their success is built upon luck and the generation before them, they tend to be biased in attributing all of their good fortune to their own hard work - because that's human nature, when you're down it's bad luck (Gen-Y), when things are going your way it's all you (Gen-X). In truth it's a combination, but you can't have the hard work without first having a substantial amount of luck, even if that just means being born at the right time and in the right place, the concept of being completely self made is wrong... by all means try it, go out into the desert with nothing and see how far you get, YOU are dependant upon the system, the system was kind to you.

You are either part of that generation or a lucky outlier... either way shut the fuck up or we will rob you of all your luck including any hard work built upon it and then you will finally be more humble when looking upon those without a foundation to build their life.

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