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Comment Re:One or the other (Score 1) 198

This "Consistent interface on everything" is really a toxic idea and I'd like to throttle whoever came up with it and started telling everyone it's a great idea. I have different devices for a reason and that is because I do different things with them. There is absolutely no reason and no advantage for having the same interface.

Charter Cable Co does the same thing with their cable boxes and as a result their DVR has the worst interface in the history of the world because it has to dumb itself down to match what their basic cable box can do. The basic cable box is good enough for channel surfing but it completely falls apart as a DVR. Somehow the Execs have it in their head that people using a cable box at their neighbors with a familiar interface is more important than having a good interface at home. Where I you know, actually use the equipment.

Consistent user interface is the Folly of the Century.

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