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Comment Re: filter out pseudoscience (Score 1) 104

Interesting that you make the comparison of doctors to programmers. How many programmers do know that aren't that good at their job? What percentage of your graduating class was highly skilled? What percentage was mediocre or just barely getting through? Do you really think that distribution is much different in medical school? One thing that I have noticed is that many doctors will blindly believe anything they are told in medical school without questioning it. Because of that, they fall behind in skill and depth of knowledge. This seems to be particularly true in the U.S., where they are all too happy to recommend unnecessary surgery for infants and 90 yr. olds, and oversubscribe antibiotics, opioids and other medications. This often results in causing more harm than good.

Comment Re:HUH (Score 1) 341

You are completely wrong. Musk has already indicated that the next Tesla will have some hands free capababilities, no doubt freeway driving assist. This is basically self driving as the driver can remove their hands from the wheel and legs from the pedals. The Infiniti Q50 already has this: . From this point forward the car is going to get incrementally more automated. Name a major car company that isn't currently involved in heavy R&D for self driving tech. If you found one, you just found a car company that will be out of business in a decade.

Comment Re:Bombs? (Score 2) 533

I always thought about this. What if in all these war torn areas instead of becoming militarily involved we just started doing massive aerial drops of food, water, possibly some simple tech for getting online, maybe some power generators. Everything dropped would have the american flag plastered all over it. Over time imagine the amount of good will that would begin to foster with local populations. If you did it long enough and on a large enough scale, whenever some fundamentalist comes along and starts spouting about America being the great Satan how many would get behind him then. And I bet it would cost a lot less than direct military action anyway.

Comment Re: Cars are just part of what's on the road (Score 1) 454

The majority of people are going to take the least expensive option. If companies form to operate massive fleets of self driving cars that can reach you In a timely fashion and charge fees below the cost of owning a car, owning a car will suddenly become a luxury. This conversation reminds of one here about HDTV years ago when they were hitting the market. Most of the comments were along the lines of "my tube TV is great, those new fangled overpriced HD sets will never catch on". The slasdot crowd seems to have a very myopic view when it comes to new technology.

Comment What Will Broadband Do For 4k Video? (Score 1) 353

I have been reading that the new 4k video standard requires a 15Mbps stream. 4k TVs are on the marketplace and based on the shipping volumes and price drops will be the standard TV within 3-5 yrs. How will Broadband meet the huge demand for these video streams? Netflix is already providing a couple of shows in 4k, but I doubt many people can view them since it's apparently a huge burden on these ISPs to even provide 3Mbps streams. I think a lot more of the public will start to complain when they can't get the brilliant picture quality they saw in the store while they were buying their new TV.

Comment Re:A comment from the linked site: (Score 5, Informative) 273

The G37 Sport package includes paddle shifters on the steering column. If you wanted them on a non-sport version though, there was an ebay seller who sold the paddles. All of the wiring and functionality was already there, just bolt on the paddles plug them in and you were done. Car manufacturers include a lot of stuff like this by default because it would be more expensive to install different features based on what the buyer was willing to pay for.

Comment Re: Pointless posturing (Score 1) 200

Run for office you are 100% correct, on the first two points anyway. Term limits would solve many problems and contribution limits would solve most of the rest. This can only happen if the majority of the public forces it to be a front and center issue and that will only happen when the majority of the public learns how to think for themselves.

Comment Re:Surcharge (Score 1) 338

I just bought two pre-paid phones and was planning to use ATT, but they infuriated me before I could become a customer. They have a pre-paid plan, but hide all information pertaining to the prices their site. Even the support person online couldn't find the info. I gave up and just signed up with T-Mobile, where I'm sure I'll be much happier. T-Mobile signed more new customers this quarter than any other carrier, it's no surprise why.

Comment No Magic Bullets (Score 5, Insightful) 635

There's no magical way that's going to keep you in shape without a little effort to eat well and take some time to exercise. Lay off the fritos and mountain dew. Stick to water and coffee/tea and get some veggies in your meals. Make time to exercise over lunch or right after work, for at least 30 min. You're just making excuses if you think you can't carve 30 min. out of your day. I go to the gym at lunch and find it makes me more relaxed and more productive at work.

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