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Comment citizens injunctions? (Score 1) 299

In most countries and states police use overbroad warrants to as a sort of pre-emptive retaliation for the likelyhood that they will fail to get court approval for the illegal or unconstitutional nature of their goal. How come citizens cant do the same thing to the police?

What sort of legal bullsh$t can be done to f$ck up their shit?

Some security controls are preventitive which in this instance seems like it would need to be pre-emptive?

That seems like it would equate to an injunctions of some sort? Does anyone know of anyone ever attempting to get an injuction against the police breaking the law?

Violating an injunction would likely result in some sort of contempt of court.

Comment Not exactly supervillians (Score 1) 486

These jackasses only have the one hammer (murder innocent people and recruit the mentally deficient to murder innocent people) pretty much everything looks like a nail to them.

Sample terrorist conversation:

Terrorist 1: "Derp, Computers are hard."
Terrorst 2: "Derp, Meybe we can fix it by killing innocent people"
Terrorist 1: "Derp, If we became more educated and intelligent in order to solve our problems it might negatively impact our core belief system of murdering innocent people"
Terrorist 2: "Right... So murder some people?"
Terrorist 1: "Yup"

Comment Tag should read: (Score 1) 245

"The Chinese are actually bitching that they need something new to copy/idea to rip off."

I'm not an apple fan but this only a half-deviation away from being an onion article.

As usual it warrants a standard response. "Feel free to design and sell a better product!! Literally there is not one single consumer not willing to drop an outdated product for a superior product."

Seriously look what happened to Palm Computing and the palm pilot or Handspring, or the Apple Newton tablet that all got ghosted.

Comment Geo-blocking doesnt require gr8 firewall-o-murca!! (Score 2) 123

Route-poison traffic to and from location X. People forget that valid Internet communication is 2way. Sure they might be able to broadcast out but not being able to receive in effectively cuts them off. Their internet will get awfully quiet.

The thing is that "head of U.S. Cyber Command" is not saying is that cutting off the internet also cuts off easy common communication for any intelligence resources the US has in that area.

In this instance a communications blackout works against both parties.

Comment Re:Not Bullshit Confirmed (Score 1) 515

I dont know what the " GWX Configuration tool" is but I use the updated "GWX Control Panel" tool and I opt to disable all the win10 upgrades AND delete the GWX program right out of my system.

A couple dozen of my users whom I havent disable the win10 update on got hit with random unauthorized win10 upgrades. But I have tracked that to a windows setting to install updates when shutting down the PC.

They shut down Windows 7 they start up with Windows 10

Comment Lazy and stupid never equals clever. (Score 1) 602

This is a simple matter of lazy government officials trying to make excuses for not maintaining their roads.

Safety markings by definition mark the safe area to drive on a road.
Removing Safety markings by definition make the road less safe.
If their going to remove the safty markings I can see no reason the pay any attention to speed postings, school zone notices or constructions flaggers.

This is equally as stupid as removing headlights, airbags and seatbelts from the cars themselves.

Whats next, big steel spike in the center of the steering wheel? Electric shocks every time you step on the accelerator?

What a bunch of jackasses.

Comment mule needs a muffler (Score 1) 153

Not News: Robotics company doesnt know how to make internal combustion engines.

There are dozens of ways that automotive engineers over the years have decreased the decibel output of internal combustion engines.
None of these improvements go into generators. Ive watch some youtube videos of the 'Mules' and it looks like a robot with a generator on its back.

They're probably using generators because noise was never a stipulation in the design parameters. What a bunch of idiots. Cancel a program because
it does something you never stipulated it shouldnt.

Comment Of course he said this (Score 1) 486

He's the EX-DIRECTOR of the CIA. He can no longer contribute to the safety or security of the people of the united states. Just like an EX-POSTMAN can no longer deliver mail. But clearly Woolsey still wants attention. All of his ex-coworkers are pissed that they arent getting traction with their arguments that its sooo tough having to not violate their own charter.

They dont seem to understand that the only things people are going to listen to are calls to actually go after those responsible. Not red herrings.

If he is advocating devoting resources to go after Snowden isnt that the same as depriving resources from going after ISIS/ISIL?

Comment Lets make a deal (Score 1) 291

Government is supposed to be a social contract. You cant take away people ability to protect themselves from data theft without a guarantee of payout.

I feel that my data is worth 150 billion dollars. You can have my encryption keys but if I suffer a data breach then you have to pay me out.

I'll probably use the payout to fund an independant open source "zero knowledge encryption" standard with an easy open free distribution.

Comment Ban security products from the US (Score 1) 126

The idea that the US is some how in charge of how security researchers spend their energies will be its own undoing. Research will be done outside the US. Security researchers have long memories. Nothing stops them from doing all of their research outside the US. And nothing will stop them from denying US interests access to their tools, research, and discoveries.

Customers in the united states will still find out about the vulnerabilities. They'll find out after they are penetrated.

Thankfully stupidity is not an invitation to have violence committed upon you. IF it were such an invitation; then the author of the newly proposed export controls would be in danger of being beaten to death.

Comment Re:geo-block this crap (Score 2) 139

That is two significant leaps past being idiotic. An internet connection is not required for a cash transaction and registers dont all use integrated credit. ATM's and integrated credit cash registers authenticate to the merchant service subscribed to by the business which would in turn authenticate to various card issueing banks. Zero authentication through China. Geo-block the crap out of China and your ATM's and Cash registers will run just fine.

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