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Comment Ars is barking up the wrong tree (Score 1) 1051

Ad blocking users will not magically start clicking ads because someone coerces them into disabling their ad blocker.

Content providers should really focus their efforts where there is at least the possibility they will benefit from the effort. In this case, not only will unblocking ads lower the overall "quality" of the eyeballs on the ads, but it will piss off consumers. Smart.

Comment Re:The new termination fee is high, but justifiabl (Score 1) 520

I just looked at completed listings on ebay and I see plenty of DROIDs that have sold for anywhere from $400 to $620 (don't ask me why anyone would pay more than the retail price), so it's not as if you are stuck with the phone and its cost if you decide to bolt to another company.

If you don't like the vendor lock-in that comes with a CDMA phone then nobody is stopping you from using AT&T or T-Mobile. Verizon is not a monopoly.

Comment Re:The new termination fee is high, but justifiabl (Score 1) 520

Exactly. Companies are in business to make money.

Thank you for understanding that when I said you save X amount that I wasn't claiming Verizon was losing X amount. It just comes out of their markup.

Nobody that I know of has been forced into a cell phone contract. Rather, those of us that have contracts have been persuaded into it which works because, as you point out, there is such strong demand for the latest and greatest.

Comment Re:The new termination fee is high, but justifiabl (Score 1) 520

For that particular phone it is completely relevant. If you go into a store and ask them for a DROID with no contract that is the price.

They do have cheaper phones where the math would be more in their favor and they also have more expensive phones where the math would swing more to your favor.

Comment Re:No, it is completely unjustifiable (Score 1) 520

Who said I accept the cost is $560? I said they charge you $560. Don't like the price? Don't pay it.

Must trash your phone? Don't even own it? That's just stupid. I might switch to another carrier, but I could still sell the phone, so don't go screaming the sky is falling.

Net neutrality has nothing to do with wireless providers locking down phones. I don't like it either, but don't confuse the issue.

I'm assuming by open market you meant free market. I hate to break it to you, but this is the free market at work. The carriers have ETFs and locked handsets because consumers by and large put up with it.

None of this is to say that these companies don't do some pretty sleazy things. For example, having ETFs that didn't prorate was dirty for sure, but if you don't like how Verizon is doing business then go with a company like Cricket that doesn't require contracts and will let you unlock your phone if you want to leave them. You do have choices.

Comment The new termination fee is high, but justifiable (Score 5, Insightful) 520

Using the DROID as an example:

The DROID with no contract is $560.

Math with the current termination fee:
$200 for the phone +
$175 to immediately break your contract =
$375 (You save $185 over the no-contract price)

Math with the new termination fee:
$200 for the phone +
$350 to immediately break your contract =
$550 (You save $10 over the no-contract price)

Either way you save more than simply buying the phone without a contract. The new fee is high, but I can understand their reasoning.


Submission + - TiVo Awarded Patent For Password You Can't Hack

Davis Freeberg writes: "TiVo has always been know for thinking outside of the box, but this week they were awarded an unusual patent related to locking down content on their hard drives. According to the patent, they've invented a way to create password security that is so tough, it would take you longer than the life of a hard drive, in order to figure out. They could be using this technology to prevent the sharing of content or it could be related to their advertising or guide data, but if their decryption technology is really that good, it's an interesting solution for solving the problem of securing networks."

Submission + - Google Censors Thai King Video

An anonymous reader writes: In a bid to avoid any lawsuits and hostile feelings, Internet search giant Google has agreed to take down all anti-monarchy videos from its YouTube website.

In a letter addressed to Thailand's Information and Communications Technology Minister, Google's vice president Kent Walketer said that "the American company did not want to promote hostile feelings over the Internet video clips," reported the Bangkok Post.

This action is seen as a means to end the ban that Thailand had imposed on the popular video sharing website since digitally enhanced videos lampooning the Thai king emerged last month and to also drop the lawsuit the Thai government had filed against Google whose company slogan is "Don't do evil."

According to the Bangkok Post a Google official had confirmed that although it might take a while to find all the video clips uploaded on YouTube, they will be removed eventually.

However, as of yesterday evening, majority of the offensive videos were still available for viewing said the Bangkok Post.

Although the lawsuit from the government has been dropped, it is not known if the pending charge from the National Police Office will be dropped as well.

The much revered Thai king is the world's longest-reigning monarch and is protected by tough laws against any insult on the royal family.,id,16004,s rn,4,nodeid,4,_language,Singapore.html
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Red Hat Releases Liberation Fonts Under GPL

Espectr0 writes: "On May 9, 2007, Red Hat announced the public release of a set of high-quality fonts under the trademark LIBERATION at the Red Hat Summit. There are three sets: Sans (a substitute for Arial, Albany, Helvetica, Nimbus Sans L, and Bitstream Vera Sans), Serif (a substitute for Times New Roman, Thorndale, Nimbus Roman, and Bitstream Vera Serif) and Mono (a substitute for Courier New, Cumberland, Courier, Nimbus Mono L, and Bitstream Vera Sans Mono). The press release covers the details."

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