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Submission + - Finnish Court Throws E-Voting Results Out

tommituura writes: Elections to be rebooted in three municipalities where e-voting was piloted.
As noted some time earlier, the recent Finnish foray into e-voting went not so much as planned (nefarious conspiracies notwithstanding), but very much like everywhere else, in other words, like a fiasco. Now, after Helsinki District Administrative Court decided that 2% vote loss and other problems in the system were acceptable and did not warrant any real measures, appeal to Supreme Administrative Court seems to have brought about some sanity into situation. In short, the Court decided that votes were not counted as they should have been, and since there was not any kind of paper trail and a meaningful recount is therefore impossible, the whole voting process must be done again to make sure that those three municipalities where e-voting was piloted get council that actually represents the wishes of voters. I guess it's a good thing this decision was made now, when it effects "only" few tens of thousands of people... a press release from Turre, a legal firm assisting sanity is also available.

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