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Journal tomhudson's Journal: Uninstalling libreoffice crapware 6

Let's see. OpenOffice was crap. LibreOffice is still crap. It's so bad that I'm going to hunt around for my old Corel Office 2000 disk (I have 2 legit copies) and boot into Windows instead. This farce has gone on WAY too long.

The only way to save LibreOffice wasn't to fork OpenOffice, but to start from scratch. Since that's not going to happen, buh-bye!

What a waste of disk space!

Update: Found it - installing in 20 ... 19 ... 18 ...

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Uninstalling libreoffice crapware

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  • Because of work formats, I run Office 2007 under Crossover/Wine.

    I have put Open/Libre on MANY machines for friends - especially Macs, because the abominable Word for Mac. Getting the MS product to handle foreign language with RTL support is awful.

    I suspect your Corel WP will run as well under Wine, as it would on a Win7 machine. No reboot. ;-)

    Now. Specfics? What in particular are your problems with Libre? For my own experience, it's not ideal, but certainly adequate.

    • Lists, fonts, templates, buggy menus, web-based help (so if I'm not connected, no help for ME!), just to start.
  • Use the GO version of Open Office. It rocks. Never had a single problem with it.

    • http://planet.go-oo.org/ [go-oo.org]

      "Go-oo has been made obsolete by the exciting new LibreOffice project. Read their planet here."

      Corel Office did everything I needed in just a couple of minutes ... until I tried to print. Of course, it can;t find any printers !!!

      Maybe I'll try google docs ...

    • So, since it couldn't find the printer - exported as pdf, and printed it. After a reboot, it found the printer!!!

      So, that takes care of that.

  • Not only does LO fail to open MS Office .docx files, it also fails to open OD* files created in OpenOffice.

    Switched back to OpenOffice. No more issues. (And it opens any files created in LO just fine.)

    Oracle may (also) suck ass, but at least their shit tends to work.

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